Hero Academy! Can we please have more information?

Yes, it looks like this.
So it looks like maybe Forge level 5 will be enough or you will see another text (instead of More SH levels comming soon) when SH25 and HA will be released.

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Can the hero academy allows one to get the specific the hero the player want?

Nobody knows yet, except maybe the devs

Even then it’s not a sure thing :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


@gregschen is right, but I will be very surprised if you are able to choose a hero in HA. The game is so full of RNG that I don’t expect no RNG in HA.


Once you get your Alchemy lab, to level 9, research level 9. It is the only useful thing in the Lab. It costs 150 gems, 12 rare items (boots/chainmail/scabbards/battle manuals +food. It takes a week and will give you 450 Alkashards and transmute your items into one of the other rare ascension items (orbs/tools etc), with 5% chance of epic ascension item (Darts etc).
Both my lab and lodge are @10. The lodge is fully researched, my lab is researched 1,2, and 9 (you can research any order)
Don’t waste food researching the lab except level 9. The gems you get from the VIP pass will cover the cost of running level 9 continuously.
Max the Lodge, as Time Freezes are very handy.

Since writing this, AL@9 is less gems, and much more Alkashards.
I have loaded my Lab@19 (was @9) to 140 days.
I have had plenty of good items, and the Combining of 1000 shards is handy for Emblems and I’ve had a few Poison Darts and Royal Tabards.
I also use the lower levels.
Today I will start my last research in the AL.
My HA is currently on its last level. I love the building of 2* heroes quickly.


Never will give gems on this ridiculous building, the AL wass just the biggest disappointment on this game, I wass expect much more from her.


I agree. @Dai007 explained that 9 was the best level of the Alchemy Lab and I tend to agree. But at a cost of 150 gems and the odds so low, I honestly doubt it’s better than this.

And you don’t even need to work hard for that.

I think it’s shameful that SGG requires gems for the AL.


These will never ever give the 4* mat

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True, but ignoring the Gambler’s fallacy, at 5% odds, AL will give you a 4* mat after 20 weeks and 3000 gems. I don’t see how that’s any better.

I never said they were, but I still believe you will get a guaranteed mat out of AL before you ever get a 4* mat from those offers. I don’t use AL nor purchase those anyway

That does sound useful, but levels 2 and 5 are also handy. You can run the transmutes simulataneously with the level 9 one, they cost no gems, and you can turn basic healing potions into Mana Potions, Banners, and Axes (level 2) and Turtle Banners (my choice, but whatever) into Super Antidotes, Bombs, Revive Scrolls, and Dragon Banners. If you run both at once, you’ll crank a little over 100 alkashards every day.

For me, I generate a fair number of the items I actually use by burning the ones I don’t, plus free alkashards. (I actually craft basic healing potions and turtle banners for the sole purpose of giving them to the alchemist shop.)

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Thanks, I’ll try that as well

Is there any news on when or if it will be available soon? Would really love being able to have option to reroll a Duplicate character into a new one. Thx

Afaik should go to beta this month. That’s all we know. No official release date yet

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So in about three months you will have 10 thousand alkashards.

What can you do with those?

Correct me if I’m wrong (I don’t use the lab, currently), but isn’t this SUPER inefficient ham-wise? Per the AL FAQ on this here forum:

Lab lvl 2 costs 42,000 ham to convert a 1* battle item to a 2* battle item. That’s twice as much ham as it costs just to craft a mana potion in the forge.

Lab lvl 5 costs 73,000 ham to convert a 2* battle item to a 3* battle item. (But there probably aren’t any 3* battle items that you’d actually want to make in the forge, which also require ham to make.)

I guess if you literally have nothing else to do with that ham, or you’re dealing with a Midnight Roots shortage for Mana Pots and Bombs, then this makes some sense, but man… those ham costs are outrageous!


I think we can all agree that AL is a disappointment.


Attempt to get another damn Tabard. I need so many of those…

I suppose maybe? But I literally have millions of food stored in my
training camps and most of my heroes are fully leveled. It’s not
like I have a shortage. (The only shortage I have is iron.

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