Hero Academy! Can we please have more information?

Kerridoc, I have 3 Grimms, but am only working on one. I also have 3 Tritons, again, only worked on one. Which one would you recommend.

I think so, too. I was just a bit cynical to emphasize my point, that they should give us a bit more information after claiming in 2018 that HA will be a feature for 2019.

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Kerridoc already retired


I’m sure he will be back. They all come back…

(Evil Sith Lord SG grin)


Ugh, was really hoping we would know something and have an ETA by now. I suppose the Path of Valor is more important to the bottom line.

Duplicate heroes are a fundamental problem with the random draws. Would be nice of SGG to refund the gems we spent adding hero slots. The math isn’t hard to figure out, at level X a player should have Y slots but has Z slots so the player should be refunded for the gems spent adding Z-Y slots.

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I just don’t understand what is the need for Path of Valor anyway, I don’t like the feature (especially if bag of holding can’t be received by F2P) and I prefer them to work on HA instead…

We need to be conscious that Hero Academy is a big deal. Likely around 90% of gem spent on this game are spent on heroes. If they break that balance there, they are screwed. If whales stop throwing gems chasing Gazelle because they can just melt this dupe Kong that appeared and he’ll become Gazelle eventually, that’s a big deal. On the other hand, they know community will not accept a theoretical feature that tends to be as usueless as their recent invention - Alchemy Lab, and they can not afford the riots and mass exodus.

It’s pretty tough spot they put themselves in, I wonder if they regret now ever leaking the Hero Academy concept. :thinking:


The other way can happen, i got luckily unlucky XD for getting 2 Morgan le fey. Being lucky getting the 1.3% chance twice is supposed to make the player happy. If i can convert her to arther or someone else it would be great! And i will be interested to do more pulls for black knight and lady of the lake without being worried about getting useless duplicates.

The more 5* you have in a family, the less likely i will try to make pulls as the probability of getting duplicates gets higher and for 1.3% chance, it is disheartening to get another Arthur or someone else you already have.
Assume you have 3 or 4 5* of a family, you would be less tempted to summon more as your chance of getting the remaining ones gets considerably lower to not be even worth they try.

There are always exceptions but i believe most players i know think in a similar way.

Don’t get me wrong, as a player I get that perspective, and fully support it.

But trying to look at it from designer’s perspective…

We have folks who threw 1000$s of USD trying to chase the Panther. They got Owls, they got Kongs, but no Panther. Finally got Panther at some point, now they are offered Gazelle. If you are moderate and humble spender, you will appreciate the odds, try few times then get out. If you are huge spender, you will throw another 1000$ to get that Gazelle, even though few dupes will likely appear before her.

But if you already have few dupes at hand, and can just craft Gazelle using them, you keep that 1000$ in your pocket. Keep trying to melt them, maybe not first month, maybe not second month, but she will appear, and you have 1000$ in your pocket for new phone or whatever.

They need to figure out a way that on one hand maintains their profit, while on the other hand allow players to manage their frustration about the pulls/odds/dupes and keep them attracted. No easy solution there. EDIT: What MysterySpin outlined in his post looks to be hitting very close to the balance point. Need some detailed simulation but the solution looks to address it all, together with very costly but possible ability to obtain particular hero of choice as well as satisfy some cheap gamblers. I would love to see this in game.


The most probable solution would be not to include Gazelle, Finley, etc. in the Hero Academy pool. Those who want the latest and strongest special heroes would still have to chase them in the summons.

If one part of the heroes which are currently hidden behind paywalls is made trainable in Hero Academy and another part remains as it is now, both the players (especially F2P and C2P who have very few 5* heroes that aren’t vanilla) and SGG (because the whales still have to chase) are happy.

Btw. I do not think SGG will ever give us the possibility to “craft” a certain hero. Hero Academy will either upgrade existing heroes or get new heroes out of a randomized pool. If you want a certain hero ASAP you would still have to chase that hero.

I’d like to see maybe ascension mats for a hero you have duplicate or triplicates of even 3s now that I have 11 4s and a butt load of 3* duos and triplicates of I have 2 Cyprian 2 Chao 2 Boldtusks 3 banes 3 Gunnar’s 2 muggys 2 Melia etc
…lol ughh

May have missed this above, in case it may not have been suggested, would like to ask @EmpiresPuzzles to also consider for Hero Academy:

  • Levels that allows us to exchange duplicate 4 or 5 star Costumes for another costume of same rarity.
  • One level that allows us to exchange 4-star troops for different 4-star troop.

You can just eat the 3* dupes which you don’t plan to raise, I get a 3* everyday, I have eat hundreds of 3* dupe.

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Oh, y’all picture HA a lot differently than I did! I imagined it making either white bordered heroes (weaker) or temporary heroes. Like, Quintus will get you a three-day Zim. Otherwise, it’ll cut into their base profit on heroes/gems. With weaker or temporary heroes, it would drive demand even more.

Yeah, I’d trade my six duplicate Thornes for a month of Alby. Then I’d depend on Alby. Then I’d bleed even more of that sweet cash.

That’s an awful suggestion. If SG lets you transmute your (permanent) 5* duplicates into temporary other heroes… that would be the biggest rip off they ever came up with. Even the alchemy lab would seem well designed compared to that.


Apart from being a terrible rip-off, what would happen if time runs out during a war or raid tournament? Would that hero simply disappear? Replaced by Aife?

By far the worst suggestion so far :roll_eyes:


Tom- I assumed it would last the duration. That’s what happens when VIP expires and you have two builders building.

As far as the rip off goes, we’d be trading unwanted heroes for something we want more. Is it great? No. It could also give access to OP5* or even 6* heroes…temporarIly, of course.

Man, I can see the gems flowing now …people hoping for a duplicate Joon they can HA into a week of 20 emblemed Guin. Mua ha ha ha!!!

I’m glad you’re not a SG dev. I rather keep my Khagan than turning him into GM for a week or a month and after that I have neither of them.


Nope, people would just ragequit because HA would be even worse than Alchemy Lab.

If I would like to have Alby, JF or whichever hero temporarily, I would just sign up for Beta testing and have access to any hero.

Like most people here, I’d want to improve my deck permanently and not just for one war or titan. So I rather keep my duplicate Joon, bring him to 4/80 and be able to use him in 8-9 wars every month. And not a throw-away Poseidon or Seshat :roll_eyes:


I’m not opposed to the idea of rental heroes in some form — I think it could be an interesting way to address (temporary) trading, or test driving heroes.

But if Hero Academy were released with a mechanism to turn permanent heroes into temporary ones that you’d then permanently lose both of thereafter, I would take that as an indication the game design was heading in a terrifying direction, and quit the game that very day.


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