Hero Academy! Can we please have more information?

One thing I have yet to see mentioned regarding holding heroes in anticipation of the HA:

Unless, ‘convert four / five star heroes for xyz’ is literally the first level of HA, you may have to let those duplicates eat up space for much much longer. Look over the build and research times for the Alchemy Lab - if dumping duplicate heroes is a later level (say, after making troops…maybe it’ll be like the training camps where you can make certain rarities and elements) then the time frame for upgrading the building and doing the research could easily be months even from when the building is released.

For this reason I am very seriously considering dumping all the duplicate four star heroes from S1 and S2 that I’m holding. Especially since, when S3 is released, I may be almost forced into that move anyway.


What if hero academy do not need dupes at all?

This is what the devs said regarding HA during AMA:

Too speculative at this point to stockpile heroes

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Lol then there will be a different kind of anger in the forums


What I find both amusing and depressing at the same time in this thread to see the extent at which people are willing to cripple a feature for fear some other person will get more benefit from it than they will that they would rather just settle for crumbs.

As a former P2W player whose gone C2P let me just say that if your main motivation is to limit how useful a P2W player finds the building the chances are it is just yourself and F2P that will be feeling the biggest brunt of it.

So far all that SGG has hinted at is the possibility of getting some earlier HOTM which for the sake of argument let us say we’re the pre-elemental link heroes. As P2W I’ve already got the ones I felt were worth pulling for when they were in Atlantis - hell if I weren’t inclined towards diversity I could even field an Alberich and a Hel on all 6 of my Alliance War teams.

Assuming it was just the pre-elemental link heroes the only interest I would have in the HA would be to get the few heroes I didn’t have with duplicates just for the sake of completion sake - whilst I may not have tried for a Perseus at Atlantis I might toss a duplicate away for the chance but even if I got him he wouldn’t be getting Scopes over my Alice or Finley.

And here in lies the point that the P2W will often have lots of already stronger options as typically that’s what they’re chasing for, the shiny new stronger heroes than the older ones that are 2 years behind on power creep.

As we see regularly in this game newer and stronger versions of previous heroes come out that means you shouldn’t be so bothered as to whether the P2W might now find it easier to get Thoth-Amun or Aeron for example because in reality they already have and powered Seshat and Kunchen instead.

If you want it to be as F2P friendly as you can then it needs to be such that F2P retain decent chances at getting heroes 2 years after release for then the furthest behind they can fall behind in terms of power creep is 2 years whereas if you make that they will be lucky to get 1 2 year old HOTM a year then in 2 years time you’ll just have F2P rosters with classics 4 years out of date and 2 2 year old HOTM that could be of questionable quality (here’s looking at Thoth)…

The P2W brigade will have pretty much as much firepower as they need from their event and Season 3 pulls that 3 year old HOTM that likely have cooler and newer replacements won’t bother them as much and so as I say with maybe the very odd notable exceptions in reality the more you try to prevent P2W getting anything out of HA you hurt F2P chances more as 2 year old HOTMs will have a lot more to offer to a roster of classic heroes than a shiny roster of modern event heroes…

Anyway that’s just my brief interlude into this, thought I would try to illuminate a few things as a hypothetical P2W boogeyman seems to being used to justify creating what would be a crappy building for the F2P and C2P that probably need it most…

Tootle pip.


I were really looking up to read your opinion about HA’s matter :slight_smile:


Ah I had been trying to keep out of it as truth be told spending too much time arguing on forums was something I was trying to cut down on, whilst I have more than a few different ideas how HA could be done as to be honest as a software developer myself I find how to deliver certain implementations interesting but not sure it is worth the hassle of posting the ideas.

However given the direction of comments around Hero Academy it was starting to feel a lot like the comments before Alchemy Lab about how people with too big a stockpile shouldn’t get an advantage from it that all sorts of leads in the direction that nobody will get any good features because nobody wants someone else to potentially find it better than them. Which is kind of strange as a potential hypothetical jealousy being anticipated means people would rather a crap feature nobody benefits from rather than one that does give everyone a benefit (albeit not necessarily equally) which seems a little mad. Essentially wanting to share our the misery equally rather than having something that might add something to everyone’s gameplay but anyway.


There’s nearly no way to make it F2P only friendly. The closest I can think of is one feature from AL — the inability to pay for speeding up the build.

If it’s a week to exchange one 5* for another, and there’s no way to make it go faster, then that goes a long way towards leveling the playing field. Both groups will do it and get results at the same rate.


Regardless of where you ultimately decide to go, you should still stay around the forums, your informed opinions will help clear up the air around here :wink:

I would be a hypocrite though if I said “Don’t worry you can try to stay out of arguments” so I’m not going to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


I was going to say I’d think about if it could be arranged I could have the position of “Whinging Grouch” but given the real danger that it might actually be possible and I might then find myself being challenged for said throne of the grouches I think it may be left purely in the hypothetical stages…

Personally I would like to have a HA level where I can change a hero into a hero of the same color within the same rarity.

I also have another wish regarding HA but it seems too much judging from the previous debate… But as you said this:

I will tell you what I actually hope for:

A level to change non-S1 hero into another non-S1 hero within the same rarity,

NB: there are currenty 66 different non-S1 5* heroes.


Don’t see any particular issue with either functionalities myself. I’ve not really posted how I think a HA should work with the exception of expressing the desire troops will still be able to be trained and some idol rambling around New Year in which I try to find a compromise solution for the Devs regarding duplicate trade-ins that wouldn’t require a HA (think it was Point 2 in my title post here: 3 New Years Solutions )

I personally have more of the 5* heroes that are available than I have missing 5* heroes. From this position I think it is a shame that SGG has made hero acquisition as hard as they have as really variety is the spice of life and it is more fun playing with more options and as such I feel this is the biggest missed point in the game as that making such experiences more accessible would have made a much larger C2P following and the potential fanbase to spawn a full on franchise but anyway the game won’t ever go down that route but I would definitely urge people to think more about adding more fun and options to people’s game play rather than ensuring nobody gets any benefit at all.

The truth is that even in generous scenarios of including event or season 2 heroes it is often the case that F2P would still be advantaged more as the simple fact is that the more variety of heroes you have in a roster the harder it is to get something new you don’t have as there are fewer heroes remaining. An F2P who only has Classics has a lot more to gain even from moderate offerings if they have a large pool of heroes they’ve not got available versus say a P2W player who may only just be missing 1 of them.


I think @MysterySpin really hits the nail on the head.

  1. F2P friendly does not have to mean P2P unfriendly. It seems as if people would rather have a bad system that is equal for F2P and P2P than a system where F2P would get more results but still less than P2W. Its like people would rather get one dollar as long as everyone gets one dollar as opposed to getting 2 dollars while others would get 4. It really makes no sense. For me the definition of F2P friendly is that a feature can be used for free and has a return that is worthwhile, regardless of how much it gives a P2P.

  2. The value of the HA will inherently be better for F2P than P2P because the system will most likely feature only heroes that aren’t at the top of the power curve. So even if P2P players could do it more often and get more return the value of what they are getting is much lower to them. If you have only classic heroes then a decent HOTM holds great value. If you have the best heroes that same hero has far less value.

I think ideally you want a system that gives F2P players the option to get more of the heroes that are currently only available through summons and they hardly ever get even if that means that P2P would be able to get more.


… continue what is in my head, maybe can be like this…

  1. Hero Academy is not Alchemyst Lab, so no mats should be on exchange.
  2. Input 1x hero plus some food or irons
  3. Result should be the same rarity
Level Input Result
1 3* S1 S1, Trainer, S2, S3
2 3* non-S1 S2, Trainer, S1, S3, Event
- - -
3 4* S1 S1, Trainer, S2, S3
4 4* non-S1 S2, Trainer, S1, S3, Event
- - -
5 5* S1 S1, S2, S3
6 5* non-S1 S2, S1, S3, Event
- - -
7 5* S1 S1, S2, S3, old-HOTM
8 5* non-S1 S2, S1, S3, Event, old-HOTM

Notes: 1st result is bigger percent outcome, so for level 1 maybe 90% S1 3* hero, 8% Trainer 3*, and 1% each S2 and S3 heroes. And level 7,8 can be input more food/iron with longer times.


I wish this design but i guess it is too much optimistic. But i wish :smiley:


Indeed very nice. I’m thinking about something like this as well.

I also really like to see an option were we can ‘downgrade’ a hero and recover the mats.
So you can level your s1 heroes and recover the mats to put them on a s2 hero later on.
Especially for 5* heroes this would be great since we all have a limited source of ascension mats.

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Thank you. It’s all true. I am like you I want variety . I have almost all classics I want but sartana and marjana yet and then 4 quintus Thorne, azlar , elk who I don’t need but every month I do about 45 tc20 and it’s harder now to get the ones I want vs dupes . I have 3 joons but just pulled Leonidas and was thrilled since I have Joon already max and want a new approach.

Like you said p2w have everything they want for the most part. They can also go hard in Atlantis for missing hotm while many get one pull a month after finishing s2 since Atlantis coins need 100 to pull and the odds are horrible. My one s2 5 is Mitsuko. I can’t trade another s2 5 for a chance at another s2 as I don’t have any and if I had others likely they wouldn’t be dupes until like the classics I have most of them.
So we should ask for things good for us. I also don’t think we need to “close the gap” or if it even can be closed. P2w will get s3 heroes and always win events . Raids touraments were to help but that failed with loot nerfs. I don’t need to win an event but I would like 2 or 3 new heroes from even the pre element link hotm. That’s Delilah, Athena , Alby, but also Perseus and Thoth. That’s fine w me. I know the event heroes are not going to go in nor the s3 and likely not even s2. I think s3 and event are fine left out for pulls only. Maybe add s2 slowly as you do still get more hotm and event heroes regularly. But let us have a few .

People argue that we shouldn’t get free what was paid for. People pay for classics too yet we have tc20. Plus when you paid you were happy to pay to get your hero. Me getting one doesn’t devalue yours. Like the cable or cell phone companies do, you see a sale for 1 month free if you sign up for a year . You like that value so you sign up. 2 years later you’re paying the regular amount per month but see that a new offer for 3 free months is out but only for new customers. Does that make your deal bad? Were you happy when you made it? Does it lessen your happiness ?
I know it’s not exactly the same but given the large base vs the event top players it fits for most.
And even if they put them in we still have the same issue as p2w…mats. If as many say they have heroes but no mats and f2p have mats but no heroes then giving new heroes in ha equalizes this.
Oh and let’s not even look at the new offer that lets you pick your mat. Yes it’s $30 for gems, flask but you can pick any 4* mat. Why can’t we pick our hero like that. It keeps people playing .
Sorry I went into more detail then planned as you really put it eloquently already and I hope the devs see your post .


Oh screw it, perhaps I’ll lay out a potential design for the Hero Academy and Advanced Training Camp – Yes I said both as in my proposal the Advanced Training Camp is being revised – personally I think it was a bad idea ruling it out whilst there were clearly still question marks regarding the Hero Academy but still here we go, at least there was some preliminary artwork for an Advanced Training Camp so it isn’t completely from scratch. But anyway I’ve gone for something that I think could work within the context of the game BUT been as wishful as I like at thinking SG would be anywhere near as generous with something like this - I mean I posted my sensible comprimise at New Year so here I’m just fantasy Dev-ing here and nope I don’t think we’ll see anything remotely like this even make it near beta so yeah it’s just for the exercise really…

The Advanced Training Camp

I’ll start with the Advanced Training Camp as of the two this is the most straightforward. The ten levels being added on to the Training Camp provide the opportunity to train troops, trainer heroes, have increased chances at certain legendaries and make some older HOTM and Season 2 heroes now available from a training camp for the first time which with Season 3 around the corner is no longer unreasonable. In the Advanced Training Camp there will be a number of different tiers to make training more troops to make troop powering more accessible to all player types, colour specific Trainer Hero camps and a few new variations on Legendary Training that have expanded hero pools either in terms of ex-HOTM or Season 2 heroes.

With the mana bonus on costumes allowing slow classic heroes to shave 2 tiles off their charge times it was crucial that some troop training levels were made available to make it possible for more F2P and C2P to see the full benefits of some costumes they may eventually pick up.

List of Advanced Training Camp Levels:

ATC 1 – Train Uncommon Troops
Produces: 50% chance - 1 x 2* Troop, 50% chance - 1 x 1* Troop
Costs: 2,000 Ham, 10 Recruits and 1 Training Manual
Time: 1 Hour
Description: Designed to be the troop equivalent of TC2 for the ATC, produces low level troops cheaply to assist all players with getting the troop fodder to power their troops.

ATC 2-6 – Elemental Trainer Heroes
Produces: 40% chance – 1 x 2* Trainer Hero, 30% chance – 1 x 3* Trainer Hero, 20% chance – 1 x 4* Trainer Hero, 10% 1 x 5* Trainer Hero
Costs: 105,000 Ham, 25 Recruits and 1 Training Manual
Time: 1 Day
Description: A more useful variation on the elemental training from the TC’s with Trainer Heroes being produced instead. ATC 2 produces only Fire Trainer Heroes, ATC 3 produces only Ice Trainer Heroes, ATC 4 produces only Nature Trainer Heroes, ATC 5 produces only Dark Trainer Heroes and ATC 6 produces only Holy Trainer heroes. There could be an argument in favour of slashing the odds for a 5* Trainer Hero in half to make room for pulling a S1 Legendary of that camp’s element (with no HOTM or Season 2 chances either) to give the camp a dual purpose of trying to hunt down a TC20 legendary that still eludes a player or something however main purpose of these camp levels is producing good XP gaining Trainer Heroes.

ATC 7 – Guaranteed Rare Troop Training
Produces: 1 x 3* Troop
Costs: 105,000 Ham, 25 Recruits and 1 Rugged Clothes
Time: 1 Day
Description: An ATC level that allows you to produce an additional 3* troop a day to help with powering up your troops.

ATC 8 – Legendary Training with a chance of an ex-HOTM
Produces: 70% chance - 1 x 3* Hero, 20% chance - 1 x 4* Hero, 5% chance - 1 x 5* S1 Hero and 5% chance - 1 x 5* Ex-HOTM
Costs: 300,000 Ham, 100 Recruits and 1 Sharpening Stone
Time: 3 Days
Description: An improved version of Legendary Training with double the chance of a legendary AND former HOTM up-to and including Drake Fong in the pool of available heroes. Costs remain similar to TC20 as there is just a 5% chance of getting something outside the TC20 pool but duration is a day longer.

ATC 9 – Epic Troop Training
Produces: 90% chance – 1 x 3* Troop, 10% chance – 1 x 4* Troop
Costs: 164,000 Ham, 45 Recruits, 1 Rugged Clothes, 1 Training Manual
Time: 2 Days
Description: A more expensive ATC troop production level that gives F2P an opportunity to get some 4* troops or for players wanting to focus on their troops the opportunity to run an additional troop production level alongside ATC 7.

ATC 10 – Legendary Training with a chance of Atlantis Heroes
Produces: 36% chance – 1 x 3* S1 Hero, 28% chance – 1 x 3* S2 Hero, 20% chance – 1 x 4* S1 Hero, 10% chance – 1 x 4* S2 Hero, 4% chance – 1 x 5* S1 Hero, 2% chance 1 x 5* S2 Hero
Costs: 500,000 Ham, 125 Recruits and 1 Sharpening Stone
Time: 2 Days
Description: With Season 3 around the corner the final stage of the ATC allows for training Season 2 heroes. With chances of getting new heroes at each rarity tier the overall costs are increased a bit but remains at the usual TC20 duration unlike ATC8.

Hero Academy and Hero Crystals

The hero academy sees you be able to exchange your heroes for Hero Crystals. Depending on the number and nature of the crystals you collect you can combine them for a chance to summon or craft a particular hero from the Crystal Chamber.

There are a number of different types of Crystals you can collect which are separated into 4 different categories – Regular, Elemental, Class and Origin crystals. Each of which have different effects in the costume chamber that affects how easily and cheaply they can be got from their appropriate heroes:

Regular Crystal Category

Crystals Included: Regular Hero Crystal

Special Effect: These colourless hero crystals have no special effects in the Crystal Chamber but are the cheapest and easiest to produce in higher quantities for more tries in the Crystal Chamber.

Elemental Crystals

Crystals Included: Dark Hero Crystal, Holy Hero Crystal, Ice Hero Crystal, Nature Hero Crystal, Fire Hero Crystal

Special Effect: For each Elemental Hero Crystal combined in the Crystal Chamber +0.5% chance the hero received will be of the element specific to that elemental crystal.

Class Crystals

Crystals Included: Barbarian Hero Crystal, Cleric Hero Crystal, Druid Hero Crystal, Fighter Hero Crystal, Monk Hero Crystal, Paladin Hero Crystal, Ranger Hero Crystal, Rogue Hero Crystal, Sorcerer Hero Crystal, Wizard Hero Crystal

Special Effect: For each Class Hero Crystal combined in the Crystal Chamber +0.5% chance the hero received will be of the class specific to that class crystal.

Origin Crystals

Crystals Included: HOTM Hero Crystal, Lagoon Hero Crystal, Sakura Hero Crystal, Atlantis Hero Crystal, Pirate Hero Crystal, Guardian Hero Crystal, Avalon Hero Crystal, Grimforest Hero Crystal, Wonderland Hero Crystal, Seasonal Hero Crystal

Special Effect: For each Origin Hero Crystal combined in the Crystal Chamber +0.5% chance the hero received will be from the say family of origin as the crystal.

Obtaining Hero Crystals with the Hero Academy

So to obtain Hero Crystals you need to trade in duplicate heroes to the Hero Academy and the crystals you obtain depend on what level you ran the exchange through (varying costs) and the attribute of the hero you traded in.

List of Hero Academy Levels

HA 1 – Regular Hero Crystals from Rare Heroes
Produces: 12 x Regular Hero Crystals
Costs: 1 Rare Hero, 40k Ham
Time: 1 hour

HA 2 – Elemental Hero Crystals from Rare Heroes
Produces: 10 x Elemental Hero Crystals of same element as hero traded in.
Costs: 1 Rare Hero, 80k Ham
Time: 3 hours

HA 3 – Class & Origin Hero Crystals from Rare Heroes
Produces: 5 x Class Hero Crystals matching the hero’s class. If the hero has an origin family an additional 5 x Origin Hero Crystals of the same Origin are also produced, if the hero doesn’t have an origin family 5 additional Class Hero Crystals are produced instead.
Costs: 1 Rare Hero, 120k Ham
Time: 3 hours

HA 4 – Regular Hero Crystals from Epic Heroes
Produces: 60 x Regular Hero Crystals
Costs: 1 Epic Hero, 240k Ham
Time: 3 hours

HA 5 – Elemental Hero Crystals from Epic Heroes
Produces: 50 x Elemental Hero Crystals of the same colour as the hero exchanged for them.
Costs: 1 Epic Hero, 300k Ham
Time: 12 hours

HA 6 – Class & Origin Hero Crystals from Epic Heroes
Produces: 25 x Class Hero Crystals matching the hero’s class. If the hero has an origin family an additional 25 x Origin Hero Crystals of the same Origin are also produced, if the hero doesn’t have an origin family 25 additional Class Hero Crystals are produced instead.
Costs: 1 Epic Hero, 360k Ham
Time: 12 hours

HA 7 – Regular Hero Crystals from Legendary Heroes
Produces: 240 x Regular Hero Crystals
Costs: 1 Legendary Hero, 240k Ham
Time: 1 day

HA 8 – Elemental & Class Crystals from Legendary Heroes
Produces: 100 x Elemental Hero Crystals matching the hero’s element and 100 x Class Hero Crystals matching the hero’s class.
Costs: 1 Legendary Hero, 600k Ham
Time: 3 days

HA 9 – Elemental & Origin Crystals from Legendary Heroes
Produces: 100 x Elemental Hero Crystals matching the hero’s element. If the hero has an origin family an additional 100 x Origin Hero Crystals of the same Origin are also produced, if the hero doesn’t have an origin family 100 additional Elemental Hero Crystals are produced instead.
Costs: 1 Legendary Hero, 720k Ham
Time: 3 days

HA 10 – Origin and Class Crystals from Legendary Heroes
Produces: 100 x Class Hero Crystals matching the hero’s class. If the hero has an origin family an additional 100 x Origin Hero Crystals of the same Origin are also produced, if the hero doesn’t have an origin family 100 additional Class Hero Crystals are produced instead.
Costs: 1 Legendary Hero, 840k Ham
Time: 5 days

The Crystal Chamber

In the crystal chamber you can combine your gathered crystals to get a replacement hero. You have two methods to choose from, you may either use the crystals to summon a random hero with the specific gate and crystals used affecting your odds or you can craft a specific hero from your crystals.

Crystal Summons

The Crystal Summons are much cheaper than the crystal crafting methods and work better for players who have fewer of the hero’s up for grabs in the summon and so as such is better for F2P and C2P with fewer of the heroes that were behind paywalls. Canny use of the crystals’ properties to narrow down pools of heroes will also improve your chances.

What follows are a brief description of how each of the types of Crystal Summons work:

Legendary Summon – Costs 200 Crystals

To perform a legendary summon 200 crystals have to be combined, as they are combined the Elemental, Class or Origin odds modifiers of each crystal is used to create a probability look-up table to determine how the odds of the pull will be affected. Some examples are:

Example 1 – If all 200 Crystals you combine for the summon are Fire Hero Crystals then you have a guaranteed Fire summon (+0.5% chance per crystal x 200 crystals = 100%) and then the hero you receive will be rolled for from the pool of Fire Legendary heroes that can be won.

Example 2 – If half your 200 Crystals you combine are Wizard crystals, a quarter are Nature Crystals and another quarter are Regular Crystals then a probability look-up table is created for your first roll to determine which prize pool your prize will come from which in this case means if your roll is between 0 and 0.5 your prize will come from the Legendary Wizard pool (as 50% of your crystals were Wizard ones), if your roll is between 0.5 and 0.75 your prize will come from the Legendary Nature pool and if your roll is greater than 0.75 it will come from the basic Legendary Prize pool (as a quarter of the crystals were regular basic ones)

Once the prize pool has been determined the returned hero is randomly selected from that pool according to the rules of that prize pool (detailed a little later)

It should be noted that using all one type of a specific type of Crystal in the Legendary Summon can guarantee the hero comes from a specific prize pool so you can guarantee a particular element, class or origin – however it should be noted that as you only receive half the crystals required to guarantee a specific aspect of the summon your can’t continue doing it indefinitely with the same hero over and over until you get the one you want.

Legendary Prize Pools

Basic: Contains all the Season 1 Legendary Heroes and ex-HOTM heroes with an equal chance of pulling any of those legendaries.

Elemental: Contains only the Season 1 Legendaries and ex-HOTM heroes that match the specific element of the element’s prize pool. Ie Only Fire Season 1 Legendaries and Fire ex-HOTM in the Fire Legendary Prize Pool. Each hero has an equal chance of being returned.

Class: Contains only legendaries of the same class as the prize pool. An 80% chance the prize will be a Season 1 legendary or former HOTM and a 20% chance for a hero of this class that comes from Season 2 or an event.

Origin Pools: Contains only legendaries from the same origin within the pool with each hero within the pool having an equal chance of being returned.

Further dropdowns for info on Epic and Rare Summons from the Crystal Chamber

Epic Summon – Costs 50 Crystals

Epic summons work near identically to the Legendary Summons except that the cost less crystals to do a summons and that at the beginning they will first do a bonus roll for the 10% chance the summon will be upgraded to a Legendary summon. If it is successful a legendary hero will be returned instead and if not the prize returned will instead come from the Epic prize pools.

Rare Summons – Costs 10 Crystals:

Similar to epic summons but this time a 10 Crystal cost and a 10% chance to be upgraded to an epic summon instead.

Crystal Crafting

Alternatively to random summoning the Crystal Chamber also allows you to craft a specific hero instead using even more of your Hero Crystals to meet the specific crafting requirements of certain heroes. As those with more heroes already are just more likely to get further duplicates from random pulls this Crystal Crafting route is better off for the P2W players able to swallow the higher resource, time and hero costs to complete.

The required costs for crafting certain heroes are as follows:

Season 1 Legendary Hero: 400 Elemental Hero Crystals matching the hero’s element + 200 Class Hero Crystals matching the hero’s class.

Ex-HOTM: 800 Elemental Hero Crystals matching the hero’s element + 200 Class Hero Crystals matching the hero’s class + 200 HOTM Origin Crystals.

Season 2 Legendary Hero: 600 Elemental Hero Crystals matching the hero’s element + 300 Class Hero Crystals matching the hero’s + 300 Origin Crystals matching the hero’s family.

Event Legendary Hero: 200 Elemental Hero Crystals matching the hero’s element + 200 Class Hero Crystals matching the hero’s class + 800 Origin Crystals matching the hero’s family

The difficulty to craft each of these increases significantly as you go down firstly because crafting a specific Season 1 Legendary requires half the number of crystals as the later 3 types but as you go down the harder to obtain, more costly and time consuming to obtain Origin Crystals become a larger proportion of the crystals needed for the guaranteed crafting.

Explaining the reasoning for this implementation of Advanced Training Camp and Hero Academy

The intent of this design for the Hero Academy is have it so it at least offers something for everyone whilst also potentially being well set to even reduce the gap between P2W and F2P even if the P2W has loads of resources already saved up and waiting for it.

How you might ask? Well let me take you on a little thought experiment. Let us imagine two people playing a game where each time they get a token they can either spend that token to randomly roll for a prize from a fixed list of 20 prizes or they can save their token and once they have 10 tokens they can buy a specific prize from the board – each of the prizes are roughly equal in value and whilst you can win duplicates due to the nature of the prizes you would much prefer one of each prize than 20 of the same prizes.

Now as it turns out Player A actually by concidence already owes 17 of 20 items on today’s prize board whereas Player B only has 2 of the items. Each turn they get a coin and because the odds Player A would get something new are not as good as if they saved specifically for the best of the remaining three items they don’t have Player A opts to save their coin whereas Player B who is quite likely to win something new each turn rolls for a random prize and often gets something new.

In ten turns time where this hypothetical game will be stopped Player A finally has enough tokens to buy his one prize for 10 coins and so finished with a gain of 1 prize per 10 coins versus Player B’s luck may have landed him something like 7 new prizes for his 10 coins and the gap at the start where player 1 had 17 of the items and B only 2 of the items so that now the difference is 18 items for A and 9 items for B.

The design for the Hero Academy I’ve enclosed works along a similar principle in that F2P and C2P who will have fewer of the heroes the random crystal summons will spit out will therefore find they will find more frequent success with the converting crystals for cheaper summons (especially when using the modifying elemental or class crystals wisely) that would otherwise likely be an expensive way of spitting out one dupe after another for a more P2W player who would find the guaranteed but much more expensive Crystal Crafting route to be better for them. The costs associated with that route specifically how difficulty it will be to obtain the required Origin Crystals for a specific crafting will naturally mean they get less out for what they put in but if it is in pursuit of a much desired guaranteed hero it could be seen as worth it. So whilst the F2P/C2P player has seen let’s say 10 new heroes for the same resources the P2W player poured into getting their 1 new desired hero the gap between has shrunk slight whilst still allowing all to come away with something they value from the system.

Also it has an added benefit for SGG that even with adding event heroes it actually makes their event gates more compelling to pull at for some long term P2W players. Let’s say Player C has all but 1 of the event legendaries in a specific gate – it now means they have just a 0.2% chance of success per pull at that gate to get something new that may not seem worth it however if any dupes they pick up can now be put towards Origin Crystals to craft the final remaining hero should they wish to do so they can actually make progress with event hero summoned from that gate making pulling there again a more attractive prospect as they can at least make progress another way.

So in short not only does this combined plan for Advanced Training Camp and Hero Academy potentially have something that would appeal to each player whatever their place in the game but also makes a wider variety of heroes available than other hinted solutions whilst keeping it desirable to go for their event gates to get heroes that can produce the relevant Origin candies.

Oh man I should probably go to sleep now, will be lucky if the last few paragraphs still make any sense to people and I don’t have to completely re-edit them when I re-awake…


Wow thanks such a good detailed and f2p friendly design 10/10 comment

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@MysterySpin LOVE your idea! Excellent points and thank you for taking your time to write it all out. I would be so happy to see this feature.

I had a similar (but much much simpler) idea that involved combining multiple heroes to narrow down your output results. Almost like an ingredient list that resulted in recipes for certain types of heroes.

But the whole hero crystal thing is a much better take, it allows for so much more playability for so many more users.

Your ideas are just so well thought out. Thanks for sharing, and I can only hope some SG devs get a chance to read your ideas.


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Very nice and great idea…

And new feature… a 5* Trainer hero :coffee: :+1: