Hero Academy! Can we please have more information?

I feel like this just makes it more frustrating for people with a large roster and many dupes. I want the number of dupes I own to decrease faster than the speed at which I acquire new dupes.

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My free roster slot is currently 10, and I have already expand it 7 times. It does frustrating.

Anyway, during the AMA, the developer said that hero conversion into another hero within the same rarity is on the final phases/levels of HA. That means earlier level will have other function, maybe troops/emblems, or even coins as @bobiscool suggested. Perhaps the other dupes can find it uses there.

All the new posts made me wonder if something new and interesting had happened with the HA. Seems the new thing is a flame war and it is NOT interesting.

I have posted elsewhere that, acknowledging all the new S3 heroes and that many many players are hoarding in anticipation of the delayed-HA, it would be a magnanimous gesture by SGG to give us 50 free additional slots when they add S3.


Tbh, I would be extremely happy even with 20 :slight_smile:


I’m hoarding too, but as soon as they give us info, we’ll be so disappointed that suddenly I’ll have A LOT of free hero slots :slightly_frowning_face:


If I can exchange those classic legendaries I kept for emblems in one of HA’s levels (as rumours say), I wouldn’t be terrible disappointed though. Better to get emblems than feed them away for some insignificant exp in levelling other heroes.


That could be. Considering that in AMA the devs said hero conversion into other hero is in the final levels, we still don’t know what will be at earlier/mid levels. Converting for emblems will only take 1 to 3 levels.


Indeed. Besides someone said last year there is a copy of this game (I don’t know which game or if it’s true), having already implemented HA and there is a level where the dupes may be exchanged for emblems. Maybe another stolen E&P project? We already know wouldn’t be for the first time, since the entire MithWars was a stolen project.

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Isn’t it this post? It didn’t claim just a level though, however it sure will not take more than 3 levels.

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That was me, you remember correctly. In that other game you can turn unleveled heroes into emblems. Don’t know how this would affect E&P tho


Found it @Kenneth

But the design is not similiar as it is on different building.

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If too many dupes are needed, the main danger is that it’s no longer F2P friendly as they accumulate 5* heroes at a rather slow rate (and also get fewer 4* heroes, let alone event heroes in case they are needed).

Yes, there could be other possibilities than a 1:1 conversion, but it’s important that the key levels of HA can still be used by F2P at more or less the same rate as paying players.

3 dupes for a reroll withim the same category would be extremely F2P-hostile. Even faster two 2 years, very few F2P have 3 Atlantis 5* heroes or 3 event 5* heroes or 3 HotM, not to mention 3 dupes / useless heroes in one of these categories that could be spent with the risk of getting a random other hero (which might be Atomos or Margaret).On the other hand, they already have most of the TC20. Their maybe 10-20 dupe Domitias/Horghalls/… might get them one or with lots of luck two new vanilla 5* heroes and that’s it.

That system would be even much worse than the much discussed conversion into tokens.


Btw. converting dupes into emblems would be highly F2P-unfriendly as well. It basically means that emblems can be bought via summoning. P2W players would soon have lots of heroes at talent level 18-20…

As already stated numerous times, HA has to rely mainly on resources (more or less) equally available to all players: time, food/iron, recruits, activity/effort,… Using (or getting rid of) dupes can be a side effect but should not be our restricting resource, otherwise big payers have an immense advantage.


Big Payers already have a big advantage everywhere in the game, and many of them now feature a defense team with 5 heroes all at 17-20 emblems. Trying to prevent them from improving is futile and would probably make it even harder on C2P or moderate payers. Using resources like you indicate won’t help F2P, will only hinder everyone else. Sorry but the cat is out of the bag as far as restricting whales from advancing ahead of the rest of us.


Your post says all sources but purchase yet you’re ftp? Free to play means no money. And ur blaming me for changingnur posts but that wasn’t me. And that post literally you went line by line sometimes arguing things I didnt do and earlier I said you’re nitpicking which you deny yet literally line by line as if you’re defending your life.

I don’t care quite frankly as SG is going to do SG . but saying your free to play when you make purchases is anything but free.

Yes, they already have a big advantage. However, Hero Academy can go two directions. One that even further widenes the gap and helps whales a lot more than F2P/C2P or one that helps F2P/C2P to catch up a bit. Guess which one will help 99% of the playerbase?

Yes, they have lots of emblems but only 17-20 on one 5* hero per class. If emblems could be bought almost without restrictions, they would have many more fully emblemed 5* heroes and could dominate weekly raid events, monthly events even more.

Using many dupes while having a bad conversion rate hinders F2P a lot more. Some concepts in this thread would make HA basically a second AL for F2P.

Yes, there will be some cost, obviously. Why not something that ‘hinders’ all players more or less equally (or maybe something that hinders whales a bit more than F2P)?

Food, iron, time (in terms of long waiting time without possibilities to speed up) etc. are more or less equally available for F2P, C2P, and big payers.


Mythwars was first but now there at least 5 one was in my MV today using EP gameplay with Triton, melia, sumitomo and 2 I forgot fighting the Halloween heroes, yet it was a different new game. I actually am in mythwars beta I guess for early adoption as I didn’t apply. I did apply for EP but no reply yet.

This is another pressure on them as more clones come out more new players choose them. They have eht in raid chests guaranteed and ha etc. I like EP but others might leave or new players might never start.

I don’t get why people want it hard like if they act like they don’t want too much SG might give us a small chance at old hotm but asking for more is bad. At best its super low odds to get a hero then to get all the mats. Al didn’t help the mat situation for whales or anyone really, I didn’t build one. So they need mats and SG missed on AL. Despite the ama they will likely miss on ha to for ftp. I have 1 non s1 5 , mitsuko who I got on a coin pull in a non featured month and those odds are sick. I have 1 event 4, peters and some 3s like Vlad, bauchan and pixie plus my only hotm Grimble. No 5s but no Wilbur yet either or Hansel, Gretel, merlin, so I’d love one or two 5s outside s1 like early hotm but I know the event heroes will never be in a tc. Fine but can I trade my spare joons, magni, justice, isarnia, etc plus the 5s I likely won’t level like hirghall, obakan.

Luckily only 2 wks til if arrives so that thread will get active and the speculation here will die off. They know what we expect and that many like myself are keeping heroes for ha and if it fails that’s a last straw for many. Giving the old hotm at same rate as tc20 but only 1 ha is an option but unlikely. I’d like to exchange a few 5s for a hotm from the old group. They can RNG it so you can’t buy a hero and with long train times it can’t be exploited as if we say people have 10 spares to trade that’s 2 hotm and its out of a group so of might be zeline but might be Thoth. But you can’t generate tons of 5s from tc20 as f2p and p2w pay to summon so they wont wait for old hotm she they can get s3 or new hotm. Even c2p benefit since they still pull for s3 and new hotm and events but àlso can still use 5s to try for old hotm. Exact exchange is open for SG to decide hipefullty no gems.

Remember they still charge to pull in that daily portal to get a max of a 3 but likely a 1,2. But for a few more gems you can try for a 5 with at worst a 3 in epic portal.
I’ve written to much on this already as I had posted about ha months ago so I’m done and will just wait and likely be let down.


Fair points. I left ‘same category’ vague as it could be anything from hotm, same event, same family, same color, etc. Basically I would just like a way to limit the reroll to something more specific than any and all heroes because that almost guarantees I get another dupe.

All sources but purchase because I never buy them. As I said, I am F2P.

What??? I never blame you. It was another person who first write it as 3.3, not you:

When I thought you say I was nitpicking I thought you say I was nitpicking bobiscool.

First of all, I do not deny you line by line, I give a detailed explanation. In fact, there are some lines that I give you compliment and agreement.

Secondly, I do not argue about things you didn’t do. I offer explanation to everything you question about my argument. The line by line approach is to make the explanation easier to be read.

For me, I think there’s plenty of hindering of players everywhere in the is game. I’d for once would really like SG to release a feature that everyone can enjoy and benefit from without it being a major resource drain or take forever. The AL is a complete waste of time and money, if the HA is a 2nd one of those, it’s a why bother situation. I don’t want them to purposely make it hard and resource intensive for anyone, F2P or P2W, just make it fair, and let people decide how much they want to benefit.

I think we’ve already started to see what you fear, with top players dominating all events, tourney’s etc. I don’t see anyway the Hero Academy is going to change that regardless of resources involved. So for me, as a mid-high level player, I don’t want to see limits put in place just to have limits.