Hero Academy! Can we please have more information?

Taking the Mickey ( Mickey Bliss, Cockney rhyming slang), taking the Mick or taking the Michael is another term for making fun of someone. These terms are most widely used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

in short:

It means to tease or make fun of someone . It is usually meant in a lighthearted or fun manner, not to ridicule or bash.

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Are you saying 2/3 5* AM will become a rare 5*?

That still means 3 to 5 rare 5* hero a month for me… isn’t that too many heroes?

Make it 1 month training time… F2p won’t bother waiting 1 month to get 1 hero

Many avoid the Forum like the plague because if you say anything that don’t fit the repetitive propaganda you will be ridiculed. Line & Facebook groups give a true reflection of what people think, feel and plan.Ie: Bad boards, etc. If you repeat it long enough & loud enough people will buy it, yeah, maybe before we had social media. People are tired of the manipulation on top of RNG


1 rare 5* each month is still greater than my expectation :sweat_smile:

Wow, the tinfoil hats here. Are they on sale at Tescos or whatever that popular supermarket is called in the UK, @Dragon.Whisperers @yelnats_24?

Do you really think SG programmers has nothing better to do? You can easily search my comment history. Yeah, they’ll totally waste a bunch of time writing a bunch of completely aimless comments and comments pretending to act a novice player looking for advice, all to trick you people into accepting a sub-par Hero’s Academy, right?

Crikey mate, I don’t even know what to say anymore, other than to use an expression that’s not even used where I’m from.

I’ve clearly written out the odds. You say f2p right now gets 300 gems per month. That’s 1 free pull per month. That’s 2.5% chance at a special hero per month.

Now you suddenly want those chances increased 10 times or 100 times without any risk whatsoever because of a single building?

I’ve again and again pointed out the sunk cost fallacy (go google that if you think it’s some conspiracy I invented). Useless heroes are useless no matter how they’re obtained, and you are out of your mind if you still somehow think that a hero rotting on the bench at 1/1 forever is somehow more useful than a chance at an actually potentially game changing hero for a f2p user.

I don’t know what you’re smoking mate, but I want some of that.

But, whatever. I’m sure SG will suddenly end up giving you everything handed on a silver platter and take away all incentive for paying players to spend money.

I’m done with this thread. Seriously, it’s amazing the amount of mental gymnastics people can make.

edit: A SG staff member would TOTALLY makes comments like these:

days in advance in anticipation of incredibly intelligent forum users who are going to find out his real identity as a secret double agent.

I did read your original post but this thread is over 500 posts long with many who clearly are non native English speakers or have bad grammar. I made a small comment for clarification that you’re now nitpicking . Not personal. And I think you are at the top end of curve for f2p with that many pulls and use that as std. It’s not the avg to play daily.


AR without vip gives maybe 1 pull a month after finishing. nd the other things have waaay worse odds and are maybe 2 pulls for challenges 3 tops if you do all plus grind a few. Costume keys are for s1 heroes 5hat are not the same as ATL and you know it. With past sg releases idk why people are for them. Ask for a gm forc5 renfelds and maybe you’ll get a gm at 0.06% for a week. Ask for small chance at early hotm you get 0.06 for Thoth. See the difference…if not consider the AL…lol.

I pulled the quote from you btw so if someone else said it you continued it. So if you don’t agree why post-it again and if you do agree why blame someone else?
Btw at this point in being tongue I cheek as sg will do as always. Not listen and give us garbage. We will take it and say may I have another …

I think it was mentioned before but maybe I missed your answer.

Adding to the gems pulls are atlantis coins pulls, event coin pulls and EHT recived by other means.

Judgeing from my play experience I would estimate this as 5-6 pulls a month which would mean that you would aproximately double the amount of pulls with the proposed system.

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Are you really f2p as in spend NOTHING. Not cheap gem buys in ar or events etc. Another poster just said f2p is about 300 gems per month which is way closer to avg then your 800. Not saying you don’t get that or the 10 4* mats but that is far far far above avg. I play daily and get elemental chests etc yet my last blue had nothing of value. No 3,4 mats no ett or eht. Normally I might get one but not often. I think you’re 5he top end of f2p but as I said not many are there . And free means free no spending or else that’s vc or c2p.

You are taking the staff pun way too seriously as it was part of a tongue in the cheek joke. Also, no need to get personal and what does the UK have to do with anything? (rhetorical question)
Not that I’m offended as you wrongly presume I’m from there. No need to repost and repeat, your point has been made. This topic is already too long, it’s okay for people to have different views, you cannot force it, give us all a chance. Cheers

If that meme was for me, I did say it nice. Clearly it’s true and I said, not personal. Meaning it’s not personal. One only has two Reed too sea da bad gramr hear. It I maid worst buy tipos.

Yes those are on purpose but as a joke. Don’t want another JF OP thread war…:rofl:

Lol, I agree but you really should see 5he JF thread. And he’s in beta. Wait until this comes out. Yikes warm up the coffee cause it’s gonna get funny.

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Well SG should have no trouble seeing how eager people are for this feature. :roll_eyes:

But the content is unbelievable. The sheer scale of pure speculation based on a few words in an interview that is approaching a year old is astonishing. And even more incredible is that fights have erupted over whose speculation is more right! Multi screen posts screaming back and forth. I tried to sift through looking for a dev response or more from zephyr1 since he’s closer to the devs than most and omg it took me 20 minutes! My time was wasted but the scale of wasted time on groundless and boundless speculation herein… someone should call Guinness!


Don’t be mad about that. I am not accusing you, I am just telling you that the silly thought (about you being a staff) came across my mind.

@bobiscool I don’t know whether this will make you better or not, but I have been accused as SG pawn before when I defended their decision to get rid of 1*/2* tournament, and that one was a real accusation, not mere joke like this one. Sorry about the joke.


No just a general encouragement to all when tempers seem to be fraying :slightly_smiling_face:


Nitpicking? I want to tell you what bother me the most during this debate:

Referring to my post without direct quoting and change the content:

It turn out not only the VIP part but also the 3.3 part, it is actually 3.

Is explaining the actual situation a blame game? I am telling you what really happened. Someone reffering my post but with the wrong number. I admit my mistake in not checking it agaisnt my actual post. I am sorry about that.

I just add: EDIT: 3.08 not 3.3. in every previous post containing that 3.3 to avoid further confusion from other readers.

Yes I already admit that in previous post.

AR gives me 140 coins as I use about 16 world energy flask and I know that the best place is S2:13-1 Hard (I do not always farm here as I need loots which is better from normal.

Meanwhile other chest give me around 100 atlantis coins.

So I got 240 atlantis coins per month on average.

Yes that is correct, I got 117 challenge coins across 5 events (2.34 pulls per month).

I know but I also include it for the 1.3% chance of HoTM.

The poster already admit that it use lowest estimate not average. I use average but of a commited player (filing chest as soon as possible and mystic vision as soon as possible). The average I was reffering is average gem of MV and average gem of wanted mission.

Did you read my calculation?

It is above average but not that far. My average is 9.7 per month to be precise. Just yesterday I count 4*AM average for 2 alliance teammate, 1 have 8.5/month and the other have 8.7/month. All of us never buy AM offer.

The probability of 4AM in elemental chest is 10% per roll (each elemental chest have 2 roll), 81% of them won’t have 4 AM, 1* will have 2, while 18% will have 1. This is in line with my elemental chest record. As I get 3.5 elemental chest per month (since tournament), that translate into 0.7 4*AM/month… not a great source even for me. The biggest source for me is titan loot.


I think you are way to pessimistic.

I mean, your statement is probably more possible knowing Small Giant previous behaviour.
They usually do not give for free anything so easily, and this attitude was even more aggressive from the point where Zynga buyed them.


The duple transmutation into something usually behind a paywall is not a so crazy idea, if they implement it with a good dose of RnG.

As times come by, they adding new and new ways to spend money on this game.
Skip buildings, Alchemy lab, tournament, energy flasks for Atlantis and Events, Costumes, season 3 and so on…

How much do you think a spender would chase that single Atlantis hero he/she miss knowing he/she still has all that to buy?
Not much, i don’t think so.

And that hero you still miss lose value as time pass by, so it is better to focus on the new stuff.

Trasmuting duples in something else is a good way to give that spender another hope to have him without chasing him.

Let’s say you give up on Atlantis because you have many heroes and focus on season 3, which you don’t have any.

Now eventually the duples of season 3 can become that hero you still miss, pushing you to spend strong on this new portal.

It all comes down on HOW you do it.

If you are sharp, you can take advantage of any situation.

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