Hero Academy! Can we please have more information?

It does depend on the prizes because if it’s only vanilla 5* then neither the whale nor the FTP with 30 vanilla dupes would benefit. Only people who would be happy with any 5* would benefit.

I do think the guy with 5 Margaret’s or Mok-arrs will receive a better reward than the guys with 5 Thorne’s or Obakans if the rewards are actually decent.

And do I think that the whale would spend gems( it’s what they’re known for) to convert duplicate heroes they wont use into better ones? I absolutely do. They might already have most of the heroes they want but now they can have more. Again this is assuming the rewards are worth it.

And if you think that spending gems will discourage a whale from using the hero academy then I dont see how you could think that a ftp or c2p player would be looking forward to it. Again this is assuming there will even be a gem fee.

It’s fun to speculate but I would say we’re making too many assumptions at this point.


Gotta agree with @Elpis, any delays to Hero Academy (assuming it’s even useful!) in favour of sidetracked features are a real bummer especially if the currently tested Valor quest rewards for FTP are going to be substantially worse than those received by premium paying players.

You can carry the flag and I’ll bang the drums, how about that?

Maybe @JonahTheBard can come up with a rousing anthem

Update: The rebellion’s headquarters are here: The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)


I hope so. I have 7 Margarets but 0 Zeline, Zimkitha, Gravemaker, Delilah, etc… that’s what I’m hoping for.


That would be the most useless function ever for the Hero Academy. TC20 would be still the better choice.

We have to see what they are planning.


Yes that would be worst case scenario but I doubt it will end up like that.

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For me “F2P justice” is finally something that don’t require ANY gem at all to work and provide to give a shot on something usually behind a paywall.

Don’t care if paying customers have more heroes, good for them.
They have less desired heroes too, and even them need some comfort for the wasted money.

My heroes are all TC20 generated, so i don’t have that kind of numbers and i don’t miss them not even for 1 minute.
They are a nuisance that i would use very gladly.


Unless you had multiple Thorne and 0 Lianna…

Your hoped Lianna could easily be a Elkanen.

I don’t mind it being delayed rather than to see a repeated story of an alchemy lab fiasco.


True. Though it’s still better than getting another Prisca. Hopefully Hero Academy will swap a 5* for a 5* while tc20 would still have the ■■■■■■ ~2.5% odds for a 5*

I hope I’m wrong, but I see a pattern here and I suspect that the HA will take heroes, resources and gems and pop out a random classic hero at the same star level as the sacrificed heroes. Hopefully it is cheaper than a summons in terms of gems, but I doubt it will be. This means imo they can delay it indefinitely since it will be next to useless.

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@General_Confusion that’s pretty much what I expect, and the cost probably 300 gems.

This would be worth it if and only if:

You get a hero of the same “type”, by which I mean similar ancestry, i.e. put in an S2 5* and get out a DIFFERENT S2 5*. Same for HotM.

Otherwise it’s a complete waste.


But your new forum name could be super-hoarder … and I say that very affectionately if there is any doubt.

My roster is up to 200 slots and I’ve always hoarded heroes but I also do housecleaning now and again, usually because I’ve grown as a player and what seems possibly worth saving has changed from when I started hoarding those particular heroes months ago.

As of now, I’m hoarding:

  • finished heroes (only one I ever ate was the Sharan the intro made me ascend)
  • a very few 3* heroes I might still level like a second Muggy and Mnesseus, and a couple that look like I might want to simultaneously use the costumed and uncostumed version like Brienne and Tyrum. (I’ve got 33 maxed)
  • 4*s … there are 4 I never maxed out, plus Valeria, the only one in the game that I don’t have one of sitting there, and a small pile of extras, mostly seasonal/event/Atlantis ones, and a spare of a couple favorites. But that is overdue for weeding. I am seriously running out of 4* heroes worth leveling for any possible reason at all.
  • so far every 5* I have pulled. I still can’t bring myself to eat them

I now refuse to hoard anything less than a 5* for a vague possibility that the hero academy will be able to give me more value than just feeding them to my latest 5* project. I’ll only keep those if I can imagine a reason to level them up.

My 5* heroes aren’t quite numerous enough to force housecleaning yet and probably won’t be before the hero academy hits beta … and my certainty that I won’t level up even the currently least appealing ones in my roster is still low enough to justify buying roster space if I need it.

By that time, I will know better what I want to weed out and if the hero academy gives me a good place to use them, great … if not, food!


And only if the hero can’t be a dup of one you already have, or worse yet the ones you traded in to get the new hero. But given the Alchemy lab, I doubt it will be the case…but hopefully they have learned.

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Well if it has a mode that trains feeder troops, I’ll be happy about that. Otherwise, I hope it appeals more than the alchemy lab.

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Moderator’s Note

I got an update back from Small Giant Staff:

Hero Academy has been a bit delayed, and will hopefully be coming to Beta in the coming months.

They plan to release a sneak peek closer to the end of the year, along with a sneak peek of other 2020 upcoming content.

There’s no new information about its design/functionality available at the moment.


Thanks for the update!


Thanks for info.

Could you please ask them to release Stronghold lvl 24? It makes no sense to put on hold this lvl. Nothing to do to Hero Academy.

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I’ll suggest it in Beta feedback when Beta reopens.

It may also be worth supporting this idea post: Release SH24 (Stronghold 24) 1-2 months before Release SH25


I guess SGG got to the point where they have realized that they have to offer SOMETHING (very different from useless Alchemy lab) in the Hero academy, but they don`t want to give up the profit they make from the summons, and now they keep on delaying the introduction.
If they ever give us the chance to use HA to replace duplicate S2, event or HOTM heroes for the other S2, event or HOTM heroes, I guess it will reduce the amount of summons, so I am not putting my hopes up very high about the Hero academy.