Hero Academy! Can we please have more information?

breaking news, it wont cost gems for hero academy !!
but we will have 0.001% to get a hotm and hotm coming from hero academy are nerfed, its called free cheap hotm

Just an idea that I think would help people in regards to unused 5 star heroes.

The problem
A lot of us In the game have unused 5 stars heroes. The reasoning behind this, if we completely max one hero, there potentially is no reason to max the same hero twice. Another reason is that we may have different heroes to consider in our roster that are better so they get left behind.
A user has 20 unused 5 stars in their roster and potentially is not going to level any of them. So they just stay unused in the users account.

Background info
A lot of users tend to keep these unleveled heroes in their roster as their difficult to get and they don’t want to feed them away to another hero.

Ideal solution

  • Add to alchemy lab or another upcoming function : “god of light”. The functioning of this would allow the user to transfer five unused five star heroes to generate one new hero which they current don’t have in there roaster.

  • A random hero from S1/2 would be generated but most importantly it would be a hero that the user currently hasn’t got. This also includes the heroes been placed into the generator. Older season 3 heroes can get updated to this generator as time goes forward.

  • As I’m aware that this game needs to make money too so you could use gems to activate “god of light” and it would take 15 to 20 days to complete 1 full cycle.

  • This function would benefit both free to play users and pay to play users and allows users to free up some space in there rosters.

You use this same format for 3 star heroes and 4 start heroes too.

Just an idea, we are all passionate about this game and want to compete against each other and I think a tool like this could be helpful.

Thanks for reading.

:imp: Black Evil :imp:

Hero academy is supposed to address this and should be in beta relatively soon…according to SG.


Like Half Life 3 will be released relatively soon


Just goin by the schedule petri put in the beta lounge :man_shrugging:


I would be happy enough if they change the summoning algorithm to give you a higher chance of getting someone you don’t already have on your roster.

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Please tell me you’re being sarcastic… 15-20 days??? TF?!

It’s bad enough that SH*24 will take 11 days at least

It was just an idea, the people who test this kind of stuff can try adjust the timings to what ever they like, obviously sooner would be better I agree but the principle is more important. :+1:

Do you have a source for this. 1 in 100,000 chance to get a HotM just to have it Nerffed sounds almost as awful as using gems.

I like the idea, but the cost still seems pretty high.
I’ve been playing for over 2 years now, pretty much everyday (Level 58, MOSTLY free player) and I have 27 5☆s total. Most can’t be leveled, as stated earlier, I’ve only gotten enough mats to level 2 of each color except for Red which I have enough for 3. Only 3 of those heroes came from something other than TC20 pulls (2 Heroes of the Month, 1 event Summon). So the 5☆s are a pretty big rarity to me. So dropping 5 seems like a lot. I would think closer to 2 or 3. Or varying cost for season.

Another option… I’m not sure if anyone here has played Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest (and I haven’t in about 2 years) but they had a great system. When you got dupes (regardless of rarity), you got a special currency. Obviously you get more for higher rarities. As you built up that currency, you could spend it for cards that you did not have. There was also prices based on what set they were in and rarity.
So for example, a Rare would cost less than an Epic would cost less than a Legendary (obviously). But a Season One Legendary would cost Less than a Season Two Legendary and a HotM could have its own cost as well. And you would get a random hero from the purchased season and rarity that you don’t already have.

But in reality… I don’t expect something like that in this game MGT:PQ is far better to their free players than this game is.


Where did that info come from? The latest I’ve seen says it scheduled for this year.

In Start of the Most Epic Empires Decade Yet - 2020 Sneak Peek! SGG said:

Hero Academy: We know you have been eagerly anticipating this, and we are sorry for the delay. Stronghold levels 24 and 25 as well as the Hero Academy will be added to the game during 2020.

Moreover, it is already confirmed that HA will appear in this round of beta:

This contradicts with

hero academy isnt scheduled for this year,

Moderator’s Note

A reminder that Forum Rules prohibit spreading false information:

Hero Academy is slated for Beta starting in v30 testing and release thereafter, as correctly noted by @Ruskin505 and @koziar993 above.

While speculations about further delays are fine, directly misstating the intended release date as being confirmed by Small Giant as being for 2021 is not allowable within Forum Rules, as it contradicts all statements by Small Giant Staff.


Every 1000 alkashards is a bonus transmute. Giving a 4* ascension item, emblems or 5* battle item I think.
The information is available if you click the Alkashards info.

If it was 1000, that would actually be reasonable. I would be on my way to my 2nd one and I hardly use it… but that’s not what it is, unfortunately… it’s 10,000. You need 10,000 Alkashards to create an epic mat, battle item or class emblems.

And how much do you want to bet that the chances of actually getting a mat are ridiculously low. They give Class Emblems away like candy… b/c why not… you need a bunch of them for them to mean anything… So even with that, the chances of producing a mat are likely very low.

They always are.

I love this game, it is a lot of fun, but the game is not good to free players.

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Yes, 10000 alkashards, sorry

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check official post from 2018, HA was teased as the greatest thing coming for 2019, players keeping dupes for almost 2 years

SG spreads false info,not me, and im not talking about beta, they may add it soon in beta but not for us

No worries. I wish it was 1000. I’d use it non-stop!

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Beta Update

The first version of Hero Academy has entered Beta. Information and discussion can be found here:

=> 🧪 Early Information on Hero Academy [Part of The Beta Beat v30]

As this new thread will be the beginning of actual information on Hero Academy, this thread will be closed.


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