Hero Academy! Can we please have more information?

After chasing Hel this past atlantis, my heroes are really starting to cram up the amount of space I have. If we could have some insight as to how this will be implemented I would feel more comfortable knowing that I’m not needlessly saving these guys. For now three stars are still feeders, but I really have trouble pulling the trigger on four stars without knowing whether or not there is something productive I can do with them down the line. PLEASE!


just kidding, bro :slight_smile:

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Buy more hero slots. They are vastly cheaper than replacing quality heroes.


I’ve fed all my season 1 flat 4* since I won’t be lvling them in the next couple months and I’m planning on doing pulls for bunnies guardians and atlantis.

If you have a plan for what heroes you are currently lvling and then next ones in their respective colors, then it makes feeding the 4* more palatable.


@EVA01 I think you could get him to fall to the dark side too with just a little push :laughing:


This is something I look forward the most, I hope it’s something you trade in your duplicates for heros you don’t have. I hope there is certain guarantee on this, already took the gamble doing summon, don’t need another gamble here. If there is a risk your 5 star could turn to 4 star, I’m not doing it.


Even if Thorne could become Grimm? Lol


If I had to guess, I would think the Alchemy lab would look something like “trade 6 capes and some gems for a telescope” and the hero academy would look something like “trade 10 4* heroes and some gems for a 5* hero, with the percentage likelihood of where the hero comes from determined by the heroes used to feed them.” ie 5 wilburs and 5 little johns would give a 50% chance at a season 1 5* and 50% chance at a season 2 5*. 5* heroes might be altogether ineligible. Some amount of feedback would be so nice, though, and possibly prompt quite a few people to bump up their available hero slots in anticipation.


Woah! Total sideline here! @Garanwyn why do you have @Kayo ‘s picture next to your name!?! What did I miss?

This looks more like something for the rct, so as always, here’s proof:


You missed an epic typeo in the Ridiculous Poll Thread :sunglasses:


Thought the forum was broken! Makes total, ridiculous sense now :rofl:

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According to head Dev Tim, do not save duplicates.

It is easier to save 1* / 2* ascension items since the take up no space and are hard to use up.


I’m waiting myself on the academy. Storing already 3-5* heroes. Can tell ya that my gems are always low because of the buy more hero slots thing :smile:

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Well, Tim was softer than that. He couldn;t recommend saving dupes because the entire mechanism is still in development. But unless you really can’t afford some extra hero slots, I think a “hold’m” strategy is the conservative, no-regrets approach.


I don’t need another grimm to feed thorne.

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I’ve got, and use, 3 maxed Grimms plus a 4/80 Athena and 3/70 Athena. When we hit red tanks in wars, I’m very glad for this crew and wish I had one more.


“Try to get higher-rarity items”.

Joy, we get to rely on RNGesus.


Except, at least at that time, they were not committing to having a hero academy…so yeah, unless that changes you could buying slots for nothing

They’ve committed to a Hero Academy, it’s just the design they haven’t finalized.


Yes I phrased that poorly…they may not support the whole dup hero thing…but there could be other functions that is supported

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