Hero Academy add additional progress bar and countdown

Running multiple Hero Academy levels makes it hard to understand which level the countdown and/or progress bar are for.

As of the moment this picture was taken I had

  • HA 10 retraining
  • HA 4 training 30 days

I suggest a 2 progress bars and 2 timer when 2 levels are being used.
A small (lvl #), will replace the location of the (2/2) shown; as multiple progress bars and counters will negate it.

@rook @littleKAF @Guvnor

Yes its confusing, nice suggestion sir

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I voted for it. :grin::+1:.



From what I’ve seen of my HA, the progress bar shown is the one with the least amount of time remaining. I personally don’t see a need for 2 bars.

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