Hero Academy add additional progress bar and countdown

Running multiple Hero Academy levels makes it hard to understand which level the countdown and/or progress bar are for.

As of the moment this picture was taken I had

  • HA 10 retraining
  • HA 4 training 30 days

I suggest a 2 progress bars and 2 timer when 2 levels are being used.
A small (lvl #), will replace the location of the (2/2) shown; as multiple progress bars and counters will negate it.

@rook @littleKAF @Guvnor

Yes its confusing, nice suggestion sir

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I voted for it. :grin::+1:.



From what I’ve seen of my HA, the progress bar shown is the one with the least amount of time remaining. I personally don’t see a need for 2 bars.

I think what it should be is the progression bar on the home screen shows the item with least time, but if you click on the building the “Collection” icon should have a progression on it for each remaining item. So for AL, all 3 items collection bars would show the progression to 100% for each item.

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