Hero Academy 7

Has anyone posted up statistics for HA7? Odds of getting better than a 1 star? Efficient use of resources? I have been using it because I’m all out of other mats, but I haven’t been able to find any stats on it.


I have not used HA level 7 much so far, but here are my stats:



BTW in Beta these were the stats from 501 pulls (posted by another forum member in the HA related Beta Beat topic):

1 star: 265 (52.9%)
2 star: 189 (37.7%)
3 star: 44 (8.8%)
4 star: 3 (0.6%)



I’ve pulled 8 so far. Haven’t tracked colors, but seems mostly red. 1 each of 2 and 3 stars and the rest 1 stars. It would be interesting to see how it stacks up efficiency wise as far as resources used per experience, but at this point I am out of mats for other HA levels, my TCs are full for the next 3 months, and I need somewhere to use those recruits so I guess it doesn’t matter too much.

Thought I could share the results of my little Hero Academy project - 100 trainers.

Basically queued HA on level 7 and decided to finish it after 100 results. Been actually 103 as I wanted to wait until the very last moment to pull something decent from Valhalla this month. Anyways, here are the results, perhaps they will help someone manage their expectations. Sample is too little to derive actual % chance but general trend can be felt. This took little over 38 days.


In total:
1* - 48
2* - 46
3* - 7
4* - 2

% distribution

1* - 46,5%
2* - 44,5%
3* - 7%
4* - 2%


I run trainers all the time 1* is better then a 2* hero. Ive been happy with the mixture of 1-3* ive received so far.

My pull stats til today about HA7:


I personally love my HA7! Since you can run two at a time or research one and run one, I will always have that working.

[I haven’t found something like this, please redirekt me, if i missed something.]

I have tried to compare Hero Academy Level 7 to the Training Camp using the percentages here https://empiresandpuzzles.fandom.com/wiki/Hero_Academy

My calculations show that HA 7 gives only slightly more XP per day than TC 11 (~10%). However, it needs more recruits (3x), more food (10x) and much more mats. Only advantage is less costs for feeding (4.5x less) due to less heroes to feed.

That is quite bad numbers imo. Did you get the same results? Of course, it all depends on the exact percentages…

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Thanks for the info. I’m trying to figure out what scenarios HA7 is worth it.

Some math was provided here, but it might need an update. 🧪 Early Information on Hero Academy [Part of The Beta Beat v30]


For example, isn’t TC2 a 50/50 split of 1 and 2 stars?

I pulled over 70 and haven’t got a 4* yet. I’m guessing it will be at or under 5%

Credit to @yelnats_24

Lets suppose TC2 give:
55% 1* (150 XP)
45% 2* (390 XP)
Thus 1 training equal to 55%×150 + 45%×390 = 258 XP

Interjecting here. I’m under the assumption TC2 is 50/50 1/2, but yelnats math is more conservative, which is probably better.**

50%×150 + 50%×390 = 270

While HA7 give:
50% 1* trainer (1000 XP)
40% 2* trainer (1500 XP)
9% 3* trainer (2500 XP)
1% 4* trainer (5000 XP)
Thus 1 training equal to 50%×1000 + 40%×1500 + 9%×2500 + 1%×5000 = 1375 XP

Me again. Let’s use the percentages for the beta 501 trainings.

  • 52.9% 1* trainer (1000 XP)
  • 37.7% 2* trainer (1500 XP)
  • 8.8% 3* trainer (2500 XP)
  • .6% 4* trainer (5000 XP)
  • Thus 1 training equal to 52.9%×1000 + 37.7%×1500 + 8.8%×2500 + .6%×5000 = 1344.5XP

This math is a bit more conservative.

1375/258 = 5.33
XP from HA7 is 5.33 larger than TC2 per training.

Using my numbers HA7 is 1344.5/270=4.98 times more XP per training.

Time wise, TC is 30 minutes while HA7 is 9 hours (18 times slower), which means the XP/hour is:
TC2: 258×2 = 516
HA7: 1375÷9 = 152.78

516/152.78 = 3.38
XP per hour from TC2 is 3.38 times larger than HA7.

Same math, slightly different numbers.
TC2: 540 xp per hour
HA7: 149.39 xp per hour
XP per hour from TC2 is 3.61 times greater than HA7.

Food cost wise, TC2 cost 2000 while HA7 cost 45000. As we need 5.33× TC2 training to match 1 HA7 in XP, the food cost of TC2 become 5.33 × 2000 = 10660. The difference is 45000-10660 = 34340. However, it means we are feeding 5.33x heroes instead of just 1 (4.33 more).

34340÷4.33 = 7930
If the cost of feeding a hero is 7930 or lower, TC2 is cheaper.
If the cost of feeding a hero is higher than 7930, HA7 is cheaper.

My math. 4.98*2000=9960. Difference 45000-9960-35040. 35040/3.98=8804.02
Use TC2 below 8804 food per feed. If the cost is higher than 7930, HA7 is the ticket.

:beer::bacon::metal:Final thoughts: Yelnats math is almost the same as mine and I agree with the method. The percentage of trainer heroes isn’t disclosed so who knows exactly what the demarcation line is. If we combine the more conservative numbers from TC2 and HA7, 8210.77 is the deciding point.

TL;DR: If the cost to feed a hero is over 8211, HA7 is worth it, otherwise use TC2.


Thanks for that, @Math-Teacher. I really think Hero Academy is best used for training troops since you have 4 training camps working on spewing off hero feeders.


It’s Yelnats, really.

The more I look into HA, the more I find it’s conditionally useful in a lot of scenarios, like this one.

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So in reference to recruits, which is usually my limiting factor, I am paying 6x recruits to get 5x XP. Not a bad use of recruits if I am out of backpacks.

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20 Great points…

Thing is, you can run HA7 supplementary to running TC2, not as an alterrnative, which makes it great.

My use for HA7:

  • overflow of recruits, shortage of food
  • no hero I am currently working on but planning on pulling in foreseable future with goal to powerlevel

The only real alternative to it is HA3 which in my opinion is really the best training-time wise feeder production. But I use it only when I have a lot of food and already working on someone since the feeders are jumping out of it almost instantly. So if you are unable to collect/spend them, you basically clog the production.

But I am also considering switching to HA6 for troop production, given I don’t have that many heroes for training anymore and still over 4000 feeders to take out of my training camps.

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Yep. It’s whatever your needs are/what resources are in large supply.

I need to do the math for recruits as well.

I typically only stock up on a few during atlantis. More often than not its 1*. Seems a little waste of time and resource overall, I certainly wouldn’t be running unless I had a big surplus of resources

I thought the Academies all started to go downhill after 3.

Academy 7 was just a horrible end.

Oh wait…Hero Academy!

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