Hero academy 10 – Reduce Retraining time by 1 hour

If we aren’t able to queue multiple heroes at the very least can 1 hour be taken off the time, much like the daily summon, so it doesn’t drift to the point of taking 8 days to complete?

I think if we’re going to ask for anything we should be asking for more than an hour. What’s an hour out of a week?


It is more to avoid the time to eventually push into the next day, an hour isn’t much but it is enough to keep the pull time within a consistent range. For example mine has crept into the work day, one meeting and that can jump an hour or two and before long it will be evening then I’ll end up losing a day. An hour will allow it to be pulled at a consistent time.

Best thing really would be to queue multiple heroes, this is more of a temporary resolution.


I understand what you’re saying. I think for most people though it wouldn’t make that big of a difference. It’s like when you have a building finish in the middle of the night, you just miss out on the few hours till the next build.

For my own HA10 Experience (and I’ve done 17 trainings to date), life finds a way to push it back despite my best efforts. Two weeks ago I was watching my kids and an extra couple hours slipped by. Last week I had a dentist appointment when mine was up, pushed it back 2 hours. Today I spent more food leveling than I meant to and am set back at least a few more hours.

Having it 6 days and 23 hours will make the difference for very few people, I think. Now make it 5 days instead of 7 and we’re talking about change that will help a lot of people.


Hey that is nice too, an hour helps with time creep, 2 days is more of a structural change which probably should happen as well but probably a harder sell.

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Agree. We should ask for A LOT more. I am ok with the time frame if the odds were better. I believe currents odds are 5% chance to pull non-season 1 hero? If you run it 24/7 for a year, you would expect to see between 2 and 3 non-season 1 heroes in a year. In a year! That is ridiculous. It should at least be double that.


Or, as I asked three times already, allow us to build two HA. Food and recruits will be ok and we’ll have more chances / year.


Agreed. A greater chance or less time seems more reasonable. I’m 17 trainings in (4 months) and nothing but S1 heroes.

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Got HA10 all I need now is some duplicate 5 star heroes I can re-train use it more for cooking up 2 star feeders in 1 minute

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