Hero Academy 10 : 5* re-trains and S1 Hero Costumes

Good day.

I was fortunate enough to get Vivicas new costume (Fighter, Hp Boost, Attack ailment, dispell) through HA10 today. I’m very happy.

However, I did not get her first costume (With the defense down ailment), which I am now lacking.

Are the S1 costumes that are now available through HA10 going to be exclusively the new costumes now? And to get both costumes if you didn’t get the first S1 costume, they have to be received through the costume chamber exclusively?

Just want to be sure this is the intended behaviour. Would love to have both costumes, so I’m hoping this is an oversight and can be rectified… :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for following up!

You can get both costumes in HA10 but not at the same time.


Both versions of the released costumes are available in HA10, but you can get only one of them from HA10 after 1 retrain.


Do we know if the costume is always random? Or is the unownwed costume prioritized?

I’m 99% sure it is a coin flip… So good luck.


So you don’t get both costumes?


Are there plans to change this? It seems like an error to me since 2ndary costumes are a way to improve S1 heroes…


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I reviewed the documentation on the game update for the new S1 costumes. They clarify in that update that HA10 costumes will only provide 1 of the two costumes. So … It’s confirmed intentional.


I knew that all along

There is no plan to change it since it’s not a mistake but a game design choice as explained in the Version 50 Release Notes & Status.
People should really read the release notes more, it’s like the most important bits of information on the forum!