Hero Acadamy cost

Can anyone tell me the cost/ time to retrain a legendary hero in the academy? The only chart I can find says two weeks but it also says 2 days for an uncommon hero while in reality it’s a minute

All the information is available in this thread :slight_smile:

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It’s 7 days to retrain a legendary. But the pain isn’t that week it takes to re-train, the real pain is getting ready to re-train legendaries… Tomorrow my HA will be lvl.10. There’s a two weeks research needed to be able to re-train 5*. But I won’t be able to resesrch that because the food costs of the research are insane. To be able to research it, you’ll need all three advanced food storages at lvl.10. Mine are now all at lvl.4. To get them all to lvl.10 I need another 120 days… that’s 4 month… so I’ll be able to re-train legendary heroes some time by the middle of next year’s march… that’s crazy…

Thanks for that. Acadamy is level 10 but as you say, the food storage is a pain as I’d neglected that but final two en route from 9 to 10.

See above linked master thread.

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