Hero ability uplevel

Why after a hero reaches max level is there no way to check the progress on ability uplevel, the level bar should actually be repkaced after max level to a ability bar

By ability level, do you mean Special?

The special is shown—as it always has been—here, where you level up:

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I know that this is where you can see the abilities, ive used 10 heroes at a time numerously to move my Ulmers ability but it did not move, if i use 4x Ulmers then it only moves up on ability, so i think that there should be another bar that when you use 10 heroes to level up after max level to give those 10 heroes that did not give a level up some meaning

10 heroes give only a chance for a level up and no, those chances aren’t cumulative. I know, it’s frustrating, especially with 3* heroes, but that’s how this game works. Most players have problems to bring the special ability of 3* heroes to 8/8. I started to ignore it. Although I have a lot of 3* heroes for the events that didn’t reach 8/8, I can compete. So I don’t use more heroes just to try to increase the special ability, because I need those heroes to feed my 4* and 5*. It would be more frustrating if I had 4* or even 5* that didn’t reach 8/8, but I’ve never heard of someone with that problem.

Duplicates (i.e. an extra Bane) give 25% chance to level up your special. 4 Banes would then give 100%, and up your special level goes. However ten same color 2* would give 4% chance each (40%), whereas ten different color 2* would only give 2% chance (20% total).

This is why those who have 4 duplicates will use them on the matching hero: it’s a guaranteed leveling of that hero’s special, not just a chance to do so.


By what you are telling me is that i will be dead by the time i find enough
of the same heroes to lift my 3* heroes abilities, so i’ve been told to
concentrate on 4* and 5* heroes instead, yes possible IF you can get them,
and by saying this it also means that i must forget about the event quest
as the people with their fully levelled up heroes makes it impossible to
get to a top spot and again this is what this game is, IMPOSSIBLE. The only
thing im getting from you is “ you’ll be dead before you will even start to
play the game”

So you’re saying you can’t start to play the game until your Bane does 5% more damage every couple of turns? Christ.

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Also, those players at the top of the event leaderboards all have to level their heroes up from scratch, exactly the same way that you do. You can still get great loot from completing event tiers, even if you’re not in the top ranking. Many of those players at the top started their grind before these events even existed, deal with it.

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I’m not saying anything is impossible, though I agree some things are more profitable.

A fully maxed, full Special 4* is relatively easy to get once you’ve been playing awhile. I choose to level 4* when I have the ascension materials for them. If I don’t, I max 3*.

I have done an experiment to lvl a maxed Balthezar’s Special from 6/8 to 8/8, just feeding him loads of 1* cards. He went up to 7/8 on the 12th try, but I got bored on the 45th try (this was one 1* at a time). Is it possible? Sure. Do I have better things to level with my cards? Definitely.

If talking about @rook highly doubt it.

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To answer your assertions, I’ve spent $60 over 1 year on this game (with another $10 reserved to spend soon). I’m not sure if this is considered a lot or a little. shrug

I have no shares of ANY kind of stock or bond in any company; I ain’t rich. :grin:

This game cheats no one. The accusation assumes lying to customers, or doing bait and switch. I’ve played this game long enough to have faith that it does neither.

Moving right along…


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