Hero Ability Text - Needs ENGLISH rewrite


Hey, again.

Can we get an English rewrite of a hero’s special ability text?

The way they are currently written is NOT the way they behave in-game.



  • Deal 468% damage to a single enemy and they are less accurate for 6 turns

… should read …

  • Deal 468% damage to a single enemy and they BECOME less accurate for 6 turns


  • All allies get +79% attack and a further 13% increase every time they are hit for 5 turns.

This makes it sound like they get an additional 13% attack if the HEROS are hit for 5 turns.

… it should read …

  • For 5 turns, all allies get +79% attack and a further 13% increase every time they are hit.


  • Deal 160% damage to all enemies and all allies get a 74% defense against specials for 2 turns

This makes it sound like Kadilen’s ability is activated for 2 turns, INCLUDING the 160% damage.

… should read …

  • Deal 160% damage to all enemies. For 2 turns, allies also get a 74% defense against specials

You may not think that this is a big deal but using proper sentence structure makes a HUGE difference in the explanation of the ability.

Damage over time isn't correct
In Game Translations for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions

*makes a HUGE difference.

Sorru. Couldn’t resist :joy::joy::joy:


It’s fixed … thanks.


Your Brienne wording doesn’t let the player know how long the effect lasts (5 turns).

I don’t see another difference though between the original wording and yours. Help! :wink:


My new Brienne text starts off with the length of the effect. Please give it a re-read :slight_smile:


Silly me! :grin:

Reading. It is a skill! slaps self

EDIT: I do like your idea in general. I’m aware that SmallGiantGames is in a European country; they seem to have no issue with English, so this might be an issue of nuance within the language.


I’m as much of a pedant as the next guy, but this seems like someone looking for a problem to solve.

Were you ever actually confused about any of these abilities, or did you realize there was some ambiguity to the structure and nitpick that technically the other way is slightly less ambiguous? Because as a native English speaker, none of these seem confusing in the least.

Every ability in this game is worded in exactly the same way. “Deal {Percent} damage to {Target1} and {Target2} {Effect} for {Number} turns”. Obviously some abilities only have the damage portion (the part before the “and”) and some only have the effect portion (after the “and”), but they’re all written the same way and in the same order. If you’ve used any abilities in this game before there really shouldn’t be any ambiguity. It seems like rewriting and restructuring each ability’s description could actually make things MORE confusing, since they’re less uniform.

A standardized form that might be more grammatically clear could be:

“Deal {Percent} damage to {Target1}, and for {Number} turns {Target2} {Effect}”

That actually seems to agree with the suggested changes you made, so after all my ramblings I guess I’m agreeing with you. Although I don’t see any problem with the way it’s written now, rearranging the placement of “for X turns” could clear up some potential ambiguity for some users.

The Joon correction isn’t about ambiguity though, that’s just being pedantic…

Edit: I guess the forums don’t like me using angle brackets…


As someone who had play Magic the Gathering for over 30 years, you begin to understand just how important ‘card’ text HAS to be in order to leave no room for misinterpretation.

If the text can be read in a way that is NOT in precise agreement with the intent of the text, then clarification is required.

It is for this reason that I feel: If you are going to state an ability of a hero, why leave ANY room for someone to misunderstand the text when a simple re-wording of the text will remove any and all frustration and add clarification?

Example: It is not only adults that play this game. My 11-year-old son also plays and was wondering what the hero actually did. I explained it to him, as I got the gist of it, but it was unclear enough for him to get a full handle on it. So I guess that is a ‘case in point’ for having them be as clear as possible for any age and understanding level.


I have had no problems understanding the effects and I see little possibility to understand these wrong. You will also see how it works pretty soon while playing.

This doesn’t sound like a real issue. The comparison to MTG is not good, because in that you, the players have to agree what happens when something is played. That is not true in this game. The rules are applied by the game. Also only few heroes can be bought directly, without randomness, so there isn’t really a chance you bought a hero thinking it works one way and then it didn’t. Unless you did special summon for just that one.

But I think this community and game support too, will gladly help if someone has problems understanding how a hero works


Are you over the age of 11? If so, then you are not the lowest comon denominator that the text needs to be reworded for.

All those saying ‘It’s fine the way it is’ are NOT the ones having issues with them. So with that said, why not just take the hour or two to just change a few words here and there so EVERYONE can understand the text? It’s not that difficult and betters everyone who plays, especially those who are younger.