Here's your Roster make a Atk &Def team out of this?

I’m getting a little overwhelmed with all these Hero’s, So here’s my Roster guys build your perfect Atk and Def Team /s regardless of current state of Heros who should be worked on next who should be given a shoot .

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So first off, I would never ever ever recommend having just a single Attack team… Attack teams should be formed based on the enemy team!

So saying that, I’ll suggest 5x teams, one for each coloured defence tank.

Attack Teams

Vs. purple tanks:
Onatel, Jackal, Drake, seshat, costumed Rigard

Vs. yellow tanks:
Costume Rigard, Seshat, Proteus, Frida, King Arthur

Vs. green tanks:
Falcon, BT, Marjana, Kingston, Lianna

Vs. blue tanks:
Kingston, Lianna, caedmon, Seshat, Kunchen

[Swap in Costume Melendor for Caedmon when maxed]

Vs. red tanks:
Arthur, Kiril, Grimm, Falcon, Marjana

Defence Team

I would suggest one of:

Kingston -> Kunchen -> Onatel -> Seshat -> Marjana

Kingston -> Frida -> Kunchen -> Onatel -> Marjana

My vote would be the first option :slight_smile:


Your correct absolutely, that’s why I have rephrase the question.

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