Here's a great Idea

I have been playing this game now for a couple months, here’s what I have learned about it. The higher the level I get the worse the game becomes for chaining combos against titans, when I was level 15 I was doing more damage with the same heroes I’m using at level 26, The funny part is that the heroes have also leveled up to a much stronger hero one would think since they went from tier 2 at level 15 player to tier 5 and 4 at level 26 player. So here’s my idea, how about making the game rewarding for us players that’s actually invest our time and money into the game? It shouldn’t be more rewarding at lower levels than at higher, another thing is the titan loot payouts , how is that we kill a tier 5 titan and get paid tier 7 or 8 loot but yet don’t receive anything in the loot over a tier 3 item? How about you fix that too, and why you’re at it , how about you fix the whole game too? Oh just one more thing that needs to really happen well 2 more things lol, let’s make it that we can private message other alliance players so that we can help them learn how to properly setup teams, and last but not least , let’s get a invite to alliance system going ???

While some of the things they should fix, in reverse order:

  1. Line or Discord: alliances aren’t stuck with in game chat for discussion on gameplay and coordination.

  2. 4* titan loot is rare at ALL levels including loot tier 13. Whether you agree with that design or not, the goal is to ■■■■■■ the progress of the large spenders as to not make the game pay to win… over time there is an advantage, but over a six month period really money just accelerates your progress unless you get stupidly lucky on ascension packs. You do also get correspondingly more ascension items (and other goodies as well) on higher level titans, but the drop rate is still low for useful things (titan / wanted / rare quest only ascension items).

  3. Can’t compare lower level titan hits with higher level ones: their defensive stat values are not the same; also if you are looking at total hit values, the fact you are taking more incoming damage will skew the results wildly.

The game has it’s flaws, and I would argue the pace of progression to level 70 on 4 and 5* heroes is too slow, but SG continues to make improvements with every single release and 1.7 reportedly will be a large improvement too for alliances across the board as a result of those that roll in the event at least. I am optimistic personally.


Yes obviously you could use a 3rd party chat app but I’m talking about an in game feature. Of course I’m saying the damage being done to a tier 3 titan from my hero’s while at level 15 was more than the same team but ascended 3 times while at level 26. I’m not the only player that’s seeing the issue.

I did more damage to a 6* titan than when I was battling low tier ones, you need to learn some strategy and make adjustments, I would agree on titan rewards to make them a little more decent and increase the rate of ascension materials.

Not sure of it anymore, sometimes i even do feel like some minor titans has more defence then much higher.

Yellow stone skin dragon, for example.

Maybe, titans do have some different stats though they aren’t easy to track without a stupid amount of data but they’re generally pretty close for a given titan tier I believe and yellow stoneskin at 5* which is where I last saw it I think, vs. 9/10* yellow emperor (especially the high stat value one, 3.36M HP I think it was, like lolwut?) shouldn’t be comparable stat wise. I don’t know, it’d be curious, maybe one of the typical merc players like @Wif could chime in on what their experiences are up and down the titan scale.

Most people look at total titan hits rather than per hit average, and the alt which never ever gets killed before time on a 5*, would get absolutely slaughtered against a 9 or 10*… and even an 8* really isn’t much fun without heavy consumable use TBH. Incoming damage matters a lot as dead heroes don’t contribute as much and frankly most people can play tiddlywinks or even patty cake with a low level titan, not so much against 7+ and really not at 9-10 in my experience where there’s really nothing I can do to save a bad board other than have a tornado… or just hope my average on the titan will be high enough to make up for the 5K hit heh.

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Loorts is more of the titan guru then me


I say this exactly because i’m mercing right now, fighting titans from 9* to 4*, and many times i do more damage on higher then lower.
I know really well that table do the difference, but somehow you kinda now roughly how much damage you have to do compared on your combos.
I admit that i put much more effort and items on higher ones, but even that way the damage difference between so many stars it’s too poor.

I mean, i expected at least something like double my damage very often, but no.
More damage, yes, but… poor.

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It probably won’t be double anyway.

I don’t know, probably the real way to do it is compare tile strikes with the same buffs and same lineup on various titans because unfortunately I know even from personal experience that my hits can vary by literally an order of magnitude (5.4Kish to 59.3Kish) on 10*'s based on board quality.

I guess I will try to get some recordings on the same titan between 9 and 10* or even different 10’s (since they do vary in HP and possibly in defense too), and while it would be instructive to try the same thing against 5* titans or whatever I’m not in a place in game where I can do that currently.

No, ok, just putting my mind on it.
I’m not so good with technology or statistics to say this for sure, and i don’t want to put work on you just to my behaviour/sensations.

It’s just… ■■■■ me off to go on a low level alliance and don’t do tons of damage! xD

There’s no way that defence escalate like Titan attack or health. No way !

Speaking of Titan damage and stuff, is there some free of alliance Titan high hitter around here that could give a hand occasionally? :smile:

Struggling in my alliance to put down 6* or higher, because a couple of us hit really good and the rest are just meh, or do not attack at all and let us down…

There are a lot of mercs; with the organization of Mixed Nuts those folks are often floating around with some spare hits to help others. In game chat is (or used to be, I’ve been absent from it for the past two weeks or so) was the typical way to to find assistance.

Longer term, you need to sort out what the alliance’s goals are: there isn’t much other than setting standards and sticking to them that I can suggest… the successful alliances that around various cup/titan levels are the ones that do this. 5* is basically what alliances that have a few good hitters can get to, then it gets progressively harder in my experience, and you really need the contribution from the other 25 players. It takes some time to progress as you build towards players who want the same thing as the alliance, unless you inherit the core of another alliance to accelerate your own and this game really isn’t setup for that sort of thing to occur very often.

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I did stick around with one alliance ever since I started but I manage to grow pretty well and basically it was me and some few others that had decent hit points and the others were just awful and most inactive and just a let down…

5* Dragon and couldn’t even finish…got upset and ultimately left the alliance and I’m a lonely wolf now

If you have players who aren’t hitting (and aren’t on a vaycay of sorts), they prolly need to be booted in favor of active players. :thinking:

I tried everything but still no use, they weren’t even listening to make some adjustments so I didn’t bother anymore.

Did you try kicking them?

Countless players I kicked, new ones come, but no fire power, the ones that were older were constant but constant fire power without improvement over time…

Try to be very active on your country global chat.
It may need some times, but i guess is the most efficient way to recruit good people.

Im trying a new alliance, they have 7* Dragon, im testing the grounds here

Hmmm. We try to train the ones coming in (using Line) if they are new. There is an atmosphere of competition in the alliance where most players want to do better and score better.

I’m not used to players who just sit there. I’m sorry for your experience that way! :confused: