Here We Go Again 🦅

Most of this forum remembers this a while back.

Life Has Changed For Me

Well I’m sad to say that on one of my recent visits to the Mayo Clinic that I got some pretty bad news.

They have found cancer again and also informed Me through some other testing that my transplant is off the table (no pun intended) due to a Heart condition they have discovered.

Talk about taking the wind back out of my sails which is not good for a Pirate . (Pun Intended) :pirate_flag:

Still trying to process this and since so many of the Wonderful People were involved with my previous battle and subsequent temporary victory I decided to share this new development.

Not trying to be a downer but sometimes sharing the news with your friends can lessen the impact somewhat.

Remember to:
Live everyday to it’s fullest.

Cherish your family and friends, at the end of the day they are everything.

And to love with everything that’s within you. For love can overcome just about anything and that’s some thing that no one can ever take away from you.

Thanks for letting me share again.


Thoughts are with you. Stay strong.


I feel for you. It’s awful that you have to go through all of this again.

I hope you find your way through again sooner rather than later.

Take care.


Stay positive and stay strong, @anc1ent1.


That is terrible to hear. Stay strong and positive, and know we are with you in spirit.

You are such a positive person here I can’t help but root for you.


All the best anc1ent1 you beat it once can do it again stay positive :beer::hotdog::+1:


My friend, thank you for the update, although not the news we’d all hoped to hear. :cry:.

Infinite bestest wishes and prayers, for you and your loved ones at this time. You are not alone :hugs:


So sorry to hear that, and thanks for sharing. you beat it once though, hoping for another success.


Hang in there buddy. My Dad went through a simliar situation 11 years ago. But he kept in check and worked on the situation that was delaying the transplant. Keep on the doctors…find out EXACTLY what point you need to be at to be eligible for the transplant. Also, doctors are able to look at wait lists for the organ to see what hospitals have shorter waiting times based on less people on the list. Even changing your address could set you up in an area that better what treatment is available.

It’s maddening, worrysome and will be a roller coaster…but the better you keep the doctors and insurance on the same page improves your possiblity of a transplanty and full recovery.

Praying for you, we ALL need a little good news in these times


Love does overcome just about anything, and I’m sending all of mine to you today.


I do not know you. But I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart. Follow your feelings.


Remain strong and faithfully fight on.
I pray you will overcome and things will turn out to be positive for you.


So sorry to hear this. Hang in there and you’ll make it through. We’re all pulling for you.


Awwww. So sorry that it happened again. I know someone who is fighting it for the 3rd time and is winning. Keep the faith and let the sun shine. :sunrise:


You are right, that are the most important things and people tend to take that for granted and forget about it.

And that’s nice and all, but i think that’s not what we want to hear now, as it sounds a bit raising a white flag.

What i want to know… what i guess we all want to know is… what now?

What you want to do?
What can be done?
How can you win once again?
How can people support you?


@anc1ent1, my thoughts are with you in these hard times. I hope you will stay as strong as the first time you beat this!
Thank you very much for your wise words to enjoy life as much as possible. We tend to forget this to easy and get sucked into life that others want us to.


This is really a heart-wrenching news Ancient One. I already saw your post in the Saders thread and it was constantly playing at the back of my head. Here’s a big, warm hug from a fellow pirate. I hope that you get the winds back into your sails once again and continue to journey in the sea of life. My best wishes and prayers are with you, and I am confident that with your courage and determination, you will stand victorious once again.

Loads of love, and stay strong my friend. :heart: :muscle:


Sad to hear this bad news. No one deserves to go through this. Wish you all the best and stay positive (helped my dad go through the cancer).


I wish you all the best. Stay strong :skull_and_crossbones: :muscle:.


Such wise words. I wish people appreciate them more, not only when their world falls.
Stay strong. My thoughts are with you.


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