Here is an Idea for the game masters

Instead of moving subjects and merging the or burying them in other posts why don’t you try fixing the people are being raided while online I can see I wasn’t the only one upset about it raids are a joke you lose to opponents who have no business fighting at your level strength has no Bering on the raids and I guess I misunderstood if the game is not about gaining strength then what is the point FIX IT DONT PAINT OVER IT

Merging posts on the same subject is the correct thing to do.

Even more correct would be to search the forums before you post and then add to an existing thread if such exists…hopefully with something new and relevant.


Perhaps you should submit a ticket to the game developers with your bug or difficulty.

The mods are simply working to maintain order and decorum in an age where both are in short supply.

Besides… wise use of the search function would have sent you to the appropriate discussion anyway. They’re just doing you a favor and doing your work for you. :slight_smile:

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Raids work fine. Instead of starting a new thread the same as dozens of old threads, why not take advantage of the resources this forum offers?

Read a few of the discussions on this topic. Learn what an “Elo” system is, what cups represent and how they are used for raid matching. Understand why you might sometimes be matched with overpowered opponents and what you might do about it. Learn how to maximise your team’s effectiveness given what’s available to you. Build raid tactics to suit your heroes. Fully exploit the massive advantages available to attackers.

Getting all this information should an easy process - searching the fourum isn’t difficult. I guess the one thing that could make it hard is if a bunch of inconsiderate spammers started multiple threads on the same subject, cluttering out the signal with pointless noise.

Oh, wait - that’s what you’re doing, isn’t it?


Discussions about moderating practices are against the #forum-rules. Closing this thread.


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