Here is a "Guarantee" we can all get behind

I see thread after thread about how drop rates for 5* heros are unfair "I spent X amount of dollars and no 5*…Well, I think I may have a solution that will satisfy the spenders, and not unbalance the game, and may even cause a few of thoes f2p guys to open their wallets.

After 100 “Epic Hero Summons” you are guaranteed the current Hero of the Month.

Pretty simple, add a counter to the epic hero summon, when it gets full you click on it, and BOOM! Current hero of the month…we are already doing it for ascension mats in the Atlantis Summon.

This should not cause a P2W situation, because lets face it, if you are doing 100 draws a month, you are probably going to pull a HotM anyway…and it gives thoes players who are less likely to spend a light at the end of the 3* draw tunnel.


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I think that HOTM make money via Summons, which is why they haven’t been transferred to TC20 etc.

I’m also not necessarily in favor of “guaranteed” anything, since I’m hotly in favor of preserving as much balance as possible between the F2P/C2P and P2P crowds. If someone can pay for and get an HOTM (by paying for 100 Summons) and I can’t, not sure if the balance is being preserved. Hmm


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