Henky tourney ranking?

Not sure how my score and my ranking jive…

I think it’s just an issue of how quickly the leaderboard refreshes.

I’m surprised a million+ entered. Most in my alliance took a pass on it.

Free stuff is free stuff.

A few in my alliance were of a similar mind to skip but we encouraged everyone to participate and collect the rewards (however minimal).

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I’ve never seen it not update from battle 1 through the end of battle 5. In all past wars the adjustment to top x% is made after the fight. Not this time.

Maybe there is no problem - hope that’s the case - but thought I’d mention it in case it was something that requires attention

Clearly there is something wrong from your side mine is working fine
try resting the game it might help
But what bothers me is the big difference between me and the top players!! Am averaging 330 per fight and have won all of them with full HP


Is showing the top of the leaderboard really in the ballpark of “shaming”? I didn’t block out names because to my mind it can’t possibly be construed as derogatory to show a leader board that’s publicly viewable to all. Did I err?

That said - also not sure how the problem could be on my side when the game server received my score and displayed it. At that point, one would presume it would be calculating it on their side. I was getting feedback everywhere else in the game… so again, no clue how it could be my side.

Lastly - totally agree about the spread. 5 wins and more than 2 full wins (based on what I was scoring) behind the leader.

Thus far, Matchmaking for this 2* tourney reminds me of MM in the early days of the system.


true that there is no harm in showing it, and hoently i dont know why i have masked the names i think its just a habit (although many times i mask wrong or forget to mask all the names :rofl:)

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Ok, phew. I thought I fracked up

It’s simple, there are over 1 mil players with your exact score!! Seems like a tight tournament?

But seriously, that seems really strange. Maybe it’s just really, really slow updating you in the standings?

It just hasn’t been that slow in any tournament before.

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Yea, something isn’t right. Has there been any change in your standings yet?

Yeah, it adjusted after like 25 minutes and 2 resets. But that’s waaaay slower than typical in tourney

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Taking THAT long it’s entirely possible it could interfere with final placement in the tournament. At least you have it noted here.

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