Hel's Special Not Activating

I’ve noticed that since the Hel bug update the her special will occasionally not halt mana gain. I understand the difference between a character having full mana and 90% mana. The issue doesn’t always apply, but when it does it’s when a character is roughly 90% mana and they can still charge and then mana gain freezes. Again, I know Hel’s special doesn’t deplete or prevent specials. So, a fully charged character will still go off even if impacted Hel’s special. I’m taking issue with the 90% charged characters still charging after. Has anyone else seen this happen? It sucks to lose a raid because 3 specials go off when none should’ve.

I have not seen this yet.

I have the impression that I’ve seen this, but I assumed I missed somehow. I remember being puzzled because I had no miss debuff on Hel. And even if I had the debuff usually applies anyway. It was odd but I just ignored.

Also, let’s be honest, I use Hel and Li Xiuand they both have bugs going on everywhere ever since Hel was introduced, so at this point I’m just ignoring it and accepting they are broken and devs are failing to address it.

any comments re: Hel after the mini update??

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As of 5 minutes ago still doing the same thing.


Got a minor one, Hel hit, the icon was up, but the mana didn’t turn grayish, it was very confusing. It was froze though. After the debuff was gone, another mana keep being Greyish instead of becoming blue again.

Didn’t affect the actual mechanic, but is was really confusing.


Yes, I confirm that there is a problem. Hel does not always freeze manna. Because of this, I lose in raids.


I’ve had the same thing. My heroes looks like they are fine (blue mana bar instead of grey) but they don’t get mana anyway. This is in a situation where they shouldn’t get mana, so game mechanic intact but display a bit glitchy.

Just were in a fight, all 3 enemies were not full mana, I used Hel’s special, all 3 got the debuff. Used a crystal thingie, the right side one got mana and used his skill…

I’m really sure of it because that’s why I chose to use Hel there, to avoid that damage. It got mana and went off anyway… nice…

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Sad to see I’m not the only one experiencing this malfunction. I sure hope it’s corrected soon, else Hel is basically worthless.

Soon? You realize she’s glitches in a way or another ever since it release? It seem they didn’t coded right the whole new mana mechanic. Ever since the beginning it wouldn’t allow people to use the hero skill after getting hit, it would glitch when used with Li Xiu. After they released a few more mechanics of gaining more and less mana the glitches keep coming.

Fix on top of fixes won’t fix the bad coding. They need to recode this mess and do it right before releasing even more mechanics. It’s been two WHOLE MONTHS of bugs on top of bugs. Get your ■■■■ together devs.

Just to make sure, have you updated to the latest version?

yes, manually checked and can see everyone’s profiles.

@Mai Could you send us a support request through the game (Options → About → Support) so we can look into this in more detail?

Will do as soon as I can actually connect to the game.

As a side note, it doesn’t happen all the time and only in raids, I feel it might be a clash of two different mechanics.

Had to manually close it to get it working. Anyway:

Your request (8985) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

Yes, I’m up to date.