Hel's Special Malfunctioning After Hel Fix Update


I have experienced a bug with Hel’s special everytime now since the recent Hel fix update. On the turn that Hel’s special is activated shields will still charge the enemies’ mana. The following turn there is no mana gain, and on the next turn the effect wears off. Hopefully, there will be an update soon that will finally make Hel useful.


So there is something wrong with hel then its not my imagination because in general discusion i put a threat out asking what hapoen to hel ans mo one responded so i thought i was imaging it


I think I have seen this happen once, but I’m not 100% sure. But I think the situation was that target was almost full mana and got full after I used Hel. Need to look closer in the future.

Remember that the effect does not prevent using specials. So if the target is already full mana, it will use it next turn.


I have been trying to test this. It is hard because my Hel is only level 70. She is so weak. She usually dies before I can activate her.

But I got her activated at one fight. It looked like the opponent would have gotten mana, not from gems but the normal end of turn managain, I screenshotted it and zoomed in the picture, the bar hadn’t moved a single pixel.

So I can’t confirm this bug. Maybe it doesn’t happen every time.


Most of these instances have been easy to see because it’s the lead character. It’s really easy to witness when it’s a fast character with only half-ish mana and suddenly they are full man and poppin off. Yes, you’re right about charged specials not be impacted and that it only impacts mana gain.


Yes, she seems to be only character that does routinely malfunction.


I haven’t really noticed, so I’m gonna start payin attention to that, but my hel is weak also only at tear 2 maxed at 60, she is so hard to ascend, cant obtain the trap tools only need 2 more to ascend her, is anyone else having this problem please repond. Also herd ahe got nerfed n GC anyone know if thats true?


I have difficulty getting trap tools and magic rings (which to me are the most rare item).

I vaguely remember Hel being (gently) nerfed within the first few days of release HOWEVER, when I went back to my pics of her card from that time, I could find no evidence for it. Anyone else?


My Hel used to be a tank and now 3* can 1 hit her when she has full hp. Maybe her def has been nerfed. She wasn’t so easy to kill before.


Mac what is the level of your Hel and the opponent 3*. It really depends. Hel is a good hero. I use it and I haven’t seen a single fight where manastop hadn’t worked. The only problem is a weak defense. On level 80 she probably is much better.

In the top 10, everyone has 1-3 level 80 Lianna, Sartana and/or Marjana. They will oneshot level 70 Hel almost every time. At 80, she could probably take 1 hit and survive.


T2-60. Tyrum, Bane, Azar, Ishtak, Berden, and Valen. Bane is the only one that makes a little sense. The others are ridiculous. Wish I could ascend to even t3 with anyone. That would be great!