Hel's costume special stealing mana not removed after Hel dies

Hel’s costume special stealing mana works exactly like Onatel. Can not be cleansed but removed if caster dies.
Well, apparently it doesn’t work as it should.

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Would need a screenshot showing evidence of Mana actually being removed. There has been many times where an ailment still shows, but is not in effect like gargoyles still shows poison, water, and burn damage even though no damage is actually applied.

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Just made her commit suicide against counter attack and it still shows for that turn but removed following turn with Mana unaffected.

Just need a little patience in waiting for the turn to end and wait for turn based changes to be applied.


How can you tell mana wasn’t affected? I see Krampus is charged, but he only had the 25% debuff, so he could have charged despite not getting the full amount from whatever tiles you matched that turn?

It’s been a while since I’ve faced one of these, but if I recall, the mana “steal” still works until the end of the turn (but obviously doesn’t get applied to dead Onatel’s/Hel’s mana bar).

I record the video and watch the movement of the Mana bar while unaffected to see how much each turn it progresses and then I watched it the turn after the ailment was delivered.

Right, but watching it fill, when there was only a little space left, and when the ailment was only at 25%, isn’t really a foolproof method. (I’m not saying I think you’re definitely wrong; I’m only saying it’s possible. :wink:)

Feel free to check the pictures you can actually see how far it moved as they were taken in consecutive turns.

It moved very little! He was almost full already!

Okay remember the slower speed of hero is the less movement you’re going to see and the harder it is to gauge. If you’re testing an offensive hero you want to use increments of three because you’re setting off three tiles you can get a good understanding of just how much it moves per tile.

On a defensive player you just want to not hit them with tiles and see exactly how far the Mana gauge moves while also counting turns to verify what you witnessed.

Give me one moment and I can just show you

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Thanks! I’d try to test it too, but don’t have the time right now to hunt around for the right defenders.

Sorry I got caught up so basically what makes it really easy to do is when you take a photo of the Mana bar go to your gallery and go to crop it. Most crops have lines on them and you can use those lines to divide the Mana bar. I use three lines of the crop tool to represent the beginning the middle and the end lines of the Mana bar so it is now cut in half. I take a screenshot of it while those lines are on it and then pretend to crop and screen shot that picture again to reduce the halves down to quarters. And then I took three consecutive pictures and did that same process to all three to show from the time cHel fired and died because I had her attack while a counter attack was active to ensure she died. So the first screenshot will show you what we started at. The second screenshot will show you while it appeared to be active, how much Mana was actually gained. The third screenshot shows with out the ailment since it has now been removed, shows this exactly how much Mana is gained as a completely standard hero. You can size up picture too and three the amount of game to determine whether it was more, less or equal. I can usually do it by the naked eye though I don’t really have to go to this extent but I figured I’d show you anyway.

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Use your alliance members your friendly attacks you can even request an alliance member to alter their lineup for you to test it.

No need to waste ham searching.

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Just tested and confirmed, you were right!

From these two screenshots, you can see the specific timing of the ailment icon removal. It happens in the middle of Evelyn’s element link healing, which coincides with my heroes gaining three tiles’ worth of mana, despite the ailment saying it was stealing mana at 50% that turn.