Helping out fellow players on the Path of Giants

I have cValen and cKaril, but I ate classic form :confused:

I hit 3k cups overnight and the rarefied air up here is suffocating :joy:

Took incoming from a Level 59 player with a yellow mono with 6k TP. Took a look at his defence and its a rainbow with almost 6.5k TP!

Whales doing whale stuff, I guess!

Rerolls costing me too much, so Prosper-yo-yo is back!

Tried to give all red fighters to make it easier to win with blue mono, but I didnt have enough. Im sure this will work out fine for most.




I think I would have a panic attack if I got that many cups… else, I would immediately flask up and cup drop HARD by fleeing. repeatedly.


Yeah it’s too rich for my means. OP beasts as far as the eye can see.

Reroll: Player 11k ranks above me.

Reroll: Player in the top 300.

Reroll: 6.5k TP with heroes I cannot counter.

Reroll: Low level player with 5 x magic troops at level 30 and 5 x 2LB heroes.

Time for cup dropping.


I feel this around 2850. I almost never reroll unless I’m looking for specific classes for PoG, but it used to be rare to take three straight losses from a defense. Not anymore. At that level, there are times I only score one or two kills across three hits! These days, my defense gains cups and my offense loses them.

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I have barely gotten over 2900 cups and I start to hyperventilate lol! I just go on and keep hacking away and lose ANYWAY because my roster shouldn’t be there anyway . 3K that’s awesome and congrats . I guess I will field a mono yellow because my POG is defeat 35 holy in raids . Maybe someone else has that too. Bye CUPS


Hope some mono blue squads will enjoy this one today!


I dropped 400 cups . Hope you all enjoyed it .


Im down to 2651 now. Still getting incoming from some tough teams, but at least I have some revenges in my watchtower for today.