Helping out fellow players on the Path of Giants

After the first few days of the PoG, I’ve noticed there are a few of the daily challenges that really put some things out of your control. There are a few things you can do, while it may only be a handful of players you help, it can make the challenges less challenging.

Day one was beat 5 barbarians in raids. Strangely enough I found that to be one of the least common classes in raids and rerolled about 5 times just to find some. Tried to help others by putting Khonshu, Garjamel and Bubble in my defense.

Today was a cornucopia of raid challenges, a whopping 5 OF THEM! Including win with an epic hero, costumed hero, 2 average speed heroes, beat 5 fire heroes AND win with at least 3 heroes aline in your team. If you are easily holding on to platinum tier, why not make your defense a little less difficult?

Seems to me the game is getting tougher, it can’t hurt to whittle a few minutes of of the time spent for grinding out to Path of Giants.

What do you all think?


I guess it really depends on your roster. Because of certain defenses I ended up using costume Caedmon pretty often that covered two of them, and most of my heroes are average speed, so it wasn’t a big deal. Usually someone like cSabina would pretty much cover it and given that I usually fill my raid chest twice a day, I get enough opportunities.

Otherwise, if you are still in the tournament, that should count and that is an epic hero tournament.

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I got most of today’s raid stuff satisfied in the tourney. Making it past Wednesday has it’s advantages.

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@Chadmo I came on to post exactly this. Yesterday I had a full barbarian team up, Ogima, Lubu, Hammertusk, Horus, Domitia CC. Today I have posted a team of 3 greens and 2 clerics, Heimdall C, Motega, Hammertusk, Hel c, Kalo.

Come on everyone, LET’S HELP EACH OTHER OUT and make some more interesting teams to fight in raids too than the usual meta teams.

Glad someone else is thinking along the same lines!!


I haven’t even been paying attention to POG,

maybe I should start …


Never forget this tip. Tournament counts both for hero chest and daily challenges



With those POGs you are showing our age :rofl:


Yeah, finding the classes in raid was difficult. Thought I would put up barbarians for my raid defence for that day. I’ve decided that I can’t really be bothered with PoG, but if I notice what the requirements are I might change my defence to suit others.


What’s worse is that pogs were big, when they came out, with my kids :rofl:

In my day we used the actual milk caps from the old glass bottles until they disappeared (although I was much better at flinging hockey cards).

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you are all heroes for me, thank you for helping other players. put a smile on my face!


Speaking of helping, if the “path of” so and so will be expanded upon, I wonder if it might not be a bad idea to have a Path of Camaraderie where your alliance is presented with a set of daily tasks that you can help your alliance mates complete.


I’m doing my part. Today’s quests want 5 Nature enemies and 5 Clerics. Didn’t quite have the roster to go all Green Clerics, but went with the next best thing.


Me too!


This PoG sucks for me because I dislike raiding. I am in a low tier casual alliance where cups mean nothing as long as you have 2400. So, for me, raiding is a waste of time. Now two days in a row 5 out of the 6 are raid related. Ugh.


Totally get that. And it seems like there are glitches like the first day on completing a certain level is a season and it wasn’t registering. Hopefully you learn early if it’s something that worth it for you. I’m enjoying it but I love raiding.

Good luck fine sir!

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Good call. What does it mean Alive Heroes?

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It means when you win the battle, the amount of heroes YOUR team has alive at that time


Cheers for the clarification Chadmo.

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Joining the cause


Nice idea :green_heart: i have seen some teams willing to help and also some with no nature in them, maybe could be me being tin foil hat and all that im suspicious of everything haha (didnt actually check if they had clerics in them too) :thinking:

Yeah ill set up some defence to help fellow folk out :+1: