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As a game made to challenge and compete I have to ask in regards to members of your alliance: how do you actually help the next member in your alliance when they are playing independently of each player? You give advise and give suggestion to the next player. So when they are in need of useful items…how exactly do the members really help?

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Good question

Advice is the biggest way to help fellow players along with even some moral support depending on how comfortable that is for the 2 of you

Also pulling your weight on titans and wars helps every member get more items. That’s why it’s so crucial to find people that keep that in mind or at the very least use all their available flags to help as much as possible

A team of 30 can carry 1 as long as all put forth the effort


I think you answered your own question.


So basically its a game of you playing singlehandedly independent only on the discussions and stuff that’s told you by the members of the alliance you are apart of. Good COMARADERIE and hit titan or do wars? I feel newcomers miss being told what they are actually required to do via other players. I personally know players who felt bored after even reaching L10.

If new players have a strong interest in the game, they will find information

There’s a peer support channel in the chat rooms(not that i like it)

There are a ton of training alliances and i believe links to the E&P facebook page and this forum in the game( I Think anyways, been awhile since I’ve looked, if not then there should be)

I mean if people wanna know somethin, one of the first things they do is google or youtube, both are goin to bring up game info. Google the game and you’ll find this forum and the wiki among other things I’m sure.

Youtube this game and there are vids all over the place with information, player names, and even alliance names so players know where to go if they want more info

If players make it to level 10 and quit the game due to a lack of info, they have no interest in finding the info unless it’s very plainly handed to them in which their interest will just deteriorate from somethin else down the road.

Idk if anymore info could be provided by the players. I think a few things could be done a little better in the tutorial as far as chat rooms and getting to these sites but that’s not in the player’s hands and has been requested for years


What I have witnessed is the fact that they are routed to other apps to relate and get more understanding. But really this is for players who are far in the game and are planning out how to defeat their opponents and what hero to best the titan…
Not meaning to be a bore its just my observation and especially to the new players when you check the teams they have and we know it is a time consuming game with only your words to go off…
I smile when they ask “how do I beat that level?”
You know you can’t hand them anything except what you did to get there.
This is where I ponder what do you do really? And apart from getting parts from shared effort in titan hits or high fives for a war win…the help I can’t help but ask must be “we all pull together to get good items to build” but while we do it together its mostly an independent effort.
I guess.

Share on alliance chat. More advanced players should talk about the teams they take against each titan. Talk about war strategy. Point people towards good sources of information, like this forum, and the “Empires and Puzzles helps, hints, and recruitment” Facebook group.


Yeah I found this place, I found YouTube videos, i pass on the info to newer people in the alliance I’m in, my leaders do the same! This game is about your time and how much time you want to invest in it!


Explain game concepts to newer players. For example:

  1. Using spirit link and riposte together is less effective, as the damage splitting reduces the riposte, as does the defense buff

  2. Using spirit link and Brienne or Khiona is more effective, as the spirit link amplifies the attack stat

  3. Ghosting tiles into gaps gives twice the normal mana, which is why killing the tank and ghosting is the key to raiding

  4. You need to select your raid heroes based on synergy, but also on the defenders. Superbuffer like Aegir? Take Caedmon. Burner like Gravemaker or Colen? Take Rigard. Blue riposter like Boril? Take Melendor

  5. Colour stacking Tanks and Flanks is the key to raid success

There are so many little tips to pass on, that I wish I had in my first few months of playing. It would be good to have a curated tips thread where all these can be gathered, that doesn’t fill up with junk posts like they usually do


How I’ve helped my alliance members:

  • Advice and suggestions (mostly basic gameplay mechanics as they’re all newer than me)
  • Helping them get loot (there’s no way our lower levels would be able to win wars or kill bigger titans on their own)
  • Buying gem share packs when they’re available

I know it’s not much, but really they wouldn’t be able to get as much loot if they were to go out on their own. Many of them have actually gotten better loot and pulls than I have. :man_shrugging: It’s a team effort. I personally think we all do better when we work together, but they’re free to leave any time they want if they think they can do better somewhere else. I personally don’t think they would be tolerated for very long in a higher level, more competitive alliance where they were always the lowest scorers, but they’re always welcome to give it a try, and I’m willing to let them back in when they come home with their tails between their legs. :grin:

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I am the leader in my alliance and I try to do my best to help new players who join our alliance. Yeah, we aren’t hitting 12* titans…but I don’t care…I have a couple of high level players and a lot of low level players and we run between 2 and 4 star because we can’t beat them all.

It’s a game, that is all, and I believe life before any game…so I do my best to ensure people are not held hostage to fighting every titan, I only ask that if they are going to be away to let us know…over 20 days, they are kicked.

A few have come and gone and some have been kicked…but I try to do my best to provide help and support so people don’t make mistakes early in the game or empty their pockets for zero return.

I’m over level 46 and I still enjoy the game and C2P because I enjoy it, I also enjoy having the comradery within the group. Helping people navigate a complex and IMO large ecosystem of the game…how can you not want to help new people?

Most people get frustrated because there are so many opinions on how to play and do this and do that…but really, giving guidance and PROMPTING alliance members to ask questions…I have found that it helps people enjoy the game and also stick around.

So yes, helping others in the game…critical!



I think my biggest issue is giving advice only to have it fall on deaf ears. Telling people to skip titans only to have them bang away. Giving team setup suggestions only to see nightshade, aife, sharan, sigrunn, 1* trainer because they ate bane. Seeing them get lots of 4,5s or hotm at l7 pulling more than complaining that there’s no mats or enough food. Our leader went to war and fought the weakest team left. Lost the battle then used another flag instead of leaving it for others to cleanup. Despite us all agreeing to hit strong teams and leave cleanup to newer players that happened this war. I can’t even get people to coordinate tanks or even change or update war teams. Our leader has great heroes yet runs greg, Thorne, chao, azlar, rigard. They have Ariel as healer, Alice, etc but run chao as tank. I really want to leave and nearly did months ago but got promoted to co leader. So I felt obligated. Usually I chat to myself…lol. People do like the tips like reading copperskys or 7dd guides or my ideas but its not enough lately. I’ve asked several times to have people get discord or line but literally not 1 has. I’m thinking of starting my own Alliance and had some invites to a few good ones that communicate but I guess I feel loyal since I have been on this one for over a year. I started as member and went right to co leader. I round be leader but the prior leader demoted himself and promoted the person with 5 days more time than me. They used to be active but anymore they just login and say great job on titan or war. No advice, no rules, nothing. I promote, I kick, I give advice. I really like the people but hate to leave though I think it’s time. I started with some 2 and 3s with sha ji as my healer…lol, now I have 4,5s and hit 442 global rank and 52 local U.S. today with no flasks. Any ideas what to do? Sorry for going off topic. It kinda just came out. I can move it if advised by mods.

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You make a lot of sense​:100::100::100:. Many says go on the forum or go YouTube…and you are new trying to figure it out telling another newbie what this game is all about!
I come here from a alliance where my leader does not know a lot but he is a kind guy. So in the interest of ALL players I ask questions that I hope lets others see you know what helps for your moment but in this moment the value of the lesson for this game is: play everyday to be a good player. There are rules but you only really profit when you and your team members are victorious when you kill a titan or win a war together!

You need to leave that alliance and find one that can give you the help you need. If you like great company (alliance) let me know…I can probably help you there

Only person you are obligated is you. If you feel that you are talking to walls, alliance doesn’t develop and members are not giving even the minimum effort, try an another alliance. This game is full of great people that’ll make your game great too. My first ally was half dead and half “whatever”. I waited until I felt that I’ll quit because of frustration. Decided to try another alliance first, that was 8 months ago. Felt like coming home.

Trying to help is good but don’t sacrifice yourself.

Ps. I love to play for my alliance, help others with advices and I pull my weight in wars and titans.

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One more thing. It is perfectly ok to play only once in a while, as long as others in alliance do the same thing and nobody wants to raise the game level. It only becomes problem when there is some who want to develop, kill higher titans and win wars and some who are happy without that pressure.


That is a very good point Aunty​:pray::100:. Really trying to pull your weight in an alliance that you are probably only halfway…its bringing out what benefits there are in helping and if they are not doing well for you in the alliance you are in this is not growth. Weather they are listening or just doing their own thing my view is alliances are built to give help…not sheltering!

In line with the OP Helping others - I too think you need to find a new alliance, as reading between the lines, it sounds like you’ve outgrown your alliance, and want more challenge.

If you create a post in Alliance Recruitment outlining what you want from an alliance, pics of your hero roster / game stats, you’ll be swamped with offers. Active daily players are always in demand. Starting an alliance from scratch and 1* titans, if you have the patience :thinking:.

Good luck

Exactly what I was going through too @Obsidian. Luckily I’ve had a few older players join my alliance and we created a LINE group so I could help some of the newer players. It’s a much tighter, team oriented, alliance now. Using Line or Discord makes it so much easier to share things from the forum and give advice on rosters. We are still growing but have a pretty solid core to start.
All of the original co-leaders have left and started their own alliance again or stopped playing. I was promoted to Leader by the original Leader who started the group. She is still on board as a co-leader. Her husband is one who started the new alliance. Some weird stuff went on there :man_shrugging:t3:

I had to kick many inactive players. Some just disappeared, hadn’t been on in 20-30 days. No communication from many. It was quite a rough patch. I had also considered leaving but felt responsible for the newer players that had joined. Felt trapped for awhile. But I got lucky and had a few players join who help immensely in pulling everyone together. So in the end I’m glad I stayed. It’s a smaller alliance, around 15, but now it’s fun again. We also all work on recruiting new players when we can. Good Luck!! Just threw this out there to let you know you aren’t the only one that is/was stuck in that situation.

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@Obsidian I don’t think you went off topic at all. Part of what makes this game great is being in a good alliance. I myself understand what you are going through, it was difficult for me to leave my first alliance but neither were they helpful towards new members nor were they open to advise themselves and as an Elder I took on a lot of that responsibility until I too became frustrated and left.

I have since found a new alliance and what a difference. We use Discord to communicate ensuring all of members get the help and support they need to develop their heroes, their defense teams. We are open and value all of our members thoughts and ideas. We post videos of our raids, wars and titan attacks so that our members can view, analyze and/or critic. We calculate damage needed for the majority of our members to achieve the extra roll for better titan loot in the hopes they get the AMs they need to ascend their heroes. We’ve have a simple war strategy, but our greatest achievement is 0 flags left. We also support each other in real life too celebrating Birthdays, anniversaries and etc. I feel this what makes an alliance great and how members should support each other.

I wish you luck in whatever you decide be it joining a new alliance or starting your own.


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