Hey there,
since the game announced the thread about #playaparttogether I think it’s necessary to have a place where people who feel lonely, depressed or scared about the covid-19 pandemic situation.
So this thread is open for anybody to talk, to get informations, and to help each other through this these hard days. I will add some numbers from different countries, where you can find help immediately!

So stay safe and please spread this so EVERYBODY who wants to talk about their situation, have bad thoughts or just want to talk to some one! we will help you as a community!

General Info about #playaparttogether


Thanks for your concern for the mental health of our player base.

There are a few threads existing with discussions already addressing this in a similar fashion:


Damn thats great, maybe the game should implement Therese threads in their post


@voidstrike do you have contact to any staff or moderators? In these times there are many people who need mental help


@zephyr1 can you help me again on this thought in the situation right now

Hi @JoDa

It’s a great idea, we will continue to use Waves as the home of mental health support, but I will add the hashtag :+1:


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