🤔 Help @zephyr1 figure out what to do about Summons result posts in New Hero discussion threads

Not sure how Discourse.org handles it.

But phpBB forum software it is easier for mods to pull posts to another topic then to respond to flags. So pulling posts AND responding to flags is usually a ton of work.


I suggest a general HOTM pull thread that would include all the posts about the pulls and still create the discussion topic wich should include the link to the new thread.


Thanks for your constant work @zephyr1 & mod colleagues!

You have my vote - I’m fine with whatever we go. I don’t mind the pulls in the discussion but would be fine with having a separate thread as well…one could even think that it’s ridiculous bragging (which I also did when I received my three Seshat)! :grin:

Only one thing - I guess all mods would appreciate not to remove them manually which would be a massive and unnecessary additional workload!

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To anyone that can’t read words if pictures are involved

You missed out on a lot of dr seuss books


I don’t mind people posting that they got the hero. On the rare occasions that I get 5* heros, only 2x from summons, I want to shout it from the rooftops. My last collection from TC20 gave me 3 5* from the 1st TC 10 x collection Isarnia, Kadilen and Lianna and I wanted to tattoo it to my forehead…LOL.

Seriously though I really don’t mind it since it seems that the first day is when people go hard after it anyhow. I mean I have seen at least 2 that are fully leveled plus emblems (+8 and +12). Since it dies off as a function of time it isn’t too bad. One thing is possible though and I even tend to fall victim to it. Thinking that well they all pulled HOTM why not me syndrome. Regardless of the fact that in 16 months I still don’t have one except my alt account which has Aegir. I have saved my EHT and with the posts yesterday I got an itchy finger but held off. I know its my decision but those who might be new don’t know that there are over 1 million daily players and they have a 98.7% chance of NOT getting the HOTM. People don’t tend to post the misses, only the hits. I didn’t post the results from the other two TC20 that I collected that day since they were only 3,4* dupes. I only posted the 5* pull collection.

I want the info on the hero despite not likely getting them but I will likely fight them. Also in this case, he is very much like Lianna who I just got and maxed. While I would love Kingston it isn’t horrible not to have him. I think Eve or Zeline would be much better in my position. So having info on who they are similar to like Seshat/Sartana or Alasie/costume Lianna(if she releases like shown) etc. make me think who I really should use my few EHT or gems to pull for.

I don’t think the mods need more work and since it tends to die off after the first few days it seems ok to me. Maybe create a monthly, “LOOK WHAT HOTM I PULLED” category where you post the HOTM and the details like how many EHT or gems it took. This way people can share the excitement and still post it and this thread can have statistical info and uses, synergies, partners to use etc.

Believe me, if/when I pull a HOTM(or any 5* for that matter) it gets plastered everywhere. I tell everyone. Makes the mailman a little confused but I have to share…LOL. Look for my hopefully happy Sartana/ Marjana post when I collect my next TC20 in about 20 days. Trust me if I get them, you will all know!


IMO, for atlantis, there are Atlantis summon mega thread, so it is better post lucky/unlucky post to those thread.
For event, also has a thread that is already included (summon result) in tittle, so it is also better post there.

The problem is HOTM-only does not have any summon thread, I think if we want to post lucky/unlucky pull to HOTM thread is okay for me, so just add tittle include summon result :+1:

The problem is show off atlantis or event pull in HOTM thread.
This is the point.

Example good post in HOTM thread:
I get Kingston, blabla what do you think people… should I ascend or wait.

Example not good post in HOTM thread:
I pull 10x atlantis/event get all *3 no atlantis/event, but get HOTM… etc.

EDIT: one more… post lucky/unlucky Atlantis pull to Atlantis Next-Schedule thread.
This thread:

It should be moved to Atlantis Pull thread, not in the schedule atlantis thread.

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Why not a :

Post your HotM pulls

New thread?

The problem, for me, with that discussion is the increased amount of work that would be given to the mods.
They are already @ on so many topics for merge/close/move.
They answer gameplay question almost every day
They provide useful insight on every thread in the bug section
They review flagged post
They screw every player in the count to 20 thread :rofl:
They (zephyr is da beast) create thread for every beta/trial/events/hotm new stuff.

And now, they should move hotm pulls from one topic to another?

Besides, i love seeing lucky 1 EHT pull with HotM in the thread. Makes me happy for them and makes me empty my love counter faster :rofl:
Just add in the name that summon pulls are permitted.


As I see it the problem with continuing the discussion of the released hero in the beta thread is that there is a lot of no-longer-relevant discussion there from earlier beta versions of the hero. Someone who doesn’t follow such and comes on to find out about this new shiny hero will likely become quite confused. All the no-longer-relevant info is what (s)he will read first.


I agree with you 100% @JonahTheBard, I seem to do that a lot…but it’s only because you are usually right.

Anyway, I was an admin of a destiny group of over 25k members and we had twice as many moderators. Not to mention it was much more unruly than this forum. The existing moderators are absolutely amazing but I believe sleep is a human requisite? It would be nice to give them a bit of relief, even occasionally.


manually moving all those posts sounds like a massive pain in the :peach: for you and fellow mods tbh :frowning:

I’ve never felt the need to go spend my gems / tokens when I see others get lucky, though I can see how that would happen anyways despite the fact that you have a well written section on avoiding heartbreak. :stuck_out_tongue:

No easy solution here to please everyone, but the easiest one is just to include the “summon results” part in the title


Absolutely, in it’s 3 or so years, this forum has only had six volunteer moderators, I believe.

And while the staff do a lot of background work, most of keeping the forum tidy, active and engaged is down to them.

I think Petri does a very good job of selecting people… almost too good, as it’s always people with a high work ethic. This means they are people who struggle to leave a job half done and often over do it.


People are going to do what they’re going to do. I agree that your time is better spent elsewhere rather than trying to control people’s behaviors.

Fighting against the tide trying to correct behavior may work after a lot of time and investment on moderators moving posts. But it would go on forever. New players are coming all the time. And they would probably see a Kingston post and think that’s the place to post results.

And in my opinion, a collective of negative and positive summoning results can be relevant to the discussion of that hero. So I think that it is on topic and that we should relabel the title.


In reading the original thread I found a number of conflicting requests:

  • remove exuberant “bragging” posts
  • ignore that last request
  • we need more “content”
  • we need the thread to not be too controlled

And in this thread:

  • Move all brag posts to its own thread
  • Create 1-3 new threads (per HOTM!) to satisfy everyone once a hero leaves Beta

Folks may forget that the Beta Beat posts were themselves originally created to answer the request for more info for those not in Beta.

I think Gryphonknight and others have hit it on the head; @zephyr1 does an astonishing amount of work around here and I’m not sure he needs 6+ conflicting requests for more work. :grin:



This whole conversation is just about QoL (quality of life) on the forums and honestly I care more for the volunteer mods to have their best QoL while performing these services (on their own time) for their peers.

The posts offering no pertinent information are pretty apparent in each thread and all you have to do is scroll past it.

During the beta beat information and feedback is useful as it helps balance the characters prior to release/launch. I believe only a handful of heroes have been re-balanced/had significant changes after being released (iirc Aegir was one of them), and as such there’s a limit to how much new/useful information is available that wasn’t already presented in beta discussion.

Just treat the HOTM threads like the the in-game summoning odds…there’s a 1.3% chance you’ll glean useful information and enter at your own risk.


This isn’t the NFL. Let’s allow a little celebrating. scrolling works reasonably fast nowadays and soon people without iPhones will get that feature too, so skipping past such posts will be so easy, it would be ridiculous to complain about.


I can scroll quite fine on my android phone and on my desktop.


Kinda my mantra, the one I beat into my crews heads

“There’s never time to do it right but there’s always time to do it over”

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I’m actually surprised that anyone took the time to complain about it? The thought never even crossed my mind? If the post has no valid discussion material, I simply scroll right on by.

Plus I know my luck, if I want something I definitely won’t get it…but sometimes I get something I didn’t even know I wanted too :wink:


Some are just too lazy
They think that this 0.0001 second of their life is so important so they just waste another 2 minutes to complain about it


I don’t post my pulls, but the postings of colleagues who just gotten “hero x” never bothered me. On the contrary, I like to see their excitement and joy, they are sharing their achievements with us. This is also part of the forum.

It is impossible that on the first day, the topic is full of impressions or “important information” about the release. This develops over time and experience gained from the hero. It’s something organic, it will appear, but over time.

What struck me was the intransigence of some colleagues, who think the topic can only have what “they” think is appropriate. Even disparaging others, such as calling their actions idiots and even analogizing colleagues with animals.

Don’t like the pull post?
Ignore him, later on you may find something that interests him.

Want to avoid posts you don’t like?
Avoid entering the forum.

Want to complain about something you don’t think is correct or disagree?
You can do it. May you complain and disagree. This is a forum for people with common interests to discuss a particular subject. It is in context. But do it with respect to which every human being is entitled, including you.

Want to learn?
Start by learning to respect others.
Run after content, try it yourself, or learn to expect people to share your knowledge.

The world is not your yard, learn to share it with others, especially those who think differently from you.

@zephyr1, thanks for your great work. You are fantastic! We apologize for all these conflicts we create.


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