Help with who to ascend

I have a fully ascended Gravemaker, Zeline and Deliah. Wondering if I should ascend my Thorne for blue. And if Boss Wolf or Quintus are worth Ascension for purple or I should wait for better hero’s? Thanks, been debating this for a while and can’t decide

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You should wait IMHO:


Now that is a complete comprehensive and all inclusive response. Any better then that and I may start staking you to avoid the wholes that new players ultimately fall into. :fireworks: You are my new hero!


You can find more interesting stuff here:
The pic here above were from “Hero Utility”

Where is the link to that guide? That’s fantastic…

Hey guys just drew Dominita? Is she worth leveling along side my Gravemaker, Zeline and Deliah? Is she better than Wolf or Quintus?

Zeline will make your Domitia useless: she dispel 5/5 instead of 1+near heroes, she is fast while Domitia is average and she lower the attack of all the foes instead of getting a yellow shield.

Nay, nay, nay. Keep your tabards and go on :slight_smile:

Worth taking to 3/70. Serviceable. I wouldn’t waste Tabards on her though. Wait for Sartana or try for Panther.

Hey guys finally got Sartana :). Now I am just waiting on a decent blue… Is it worth trying for Aegir? My current team has Deliah, Sartana, Gravemaker and Zeline. Or should I save tokens and wait for Alasie or Athena? Also I have enough mats to ascend a second yellow should it be Joon or Drakefong?

Your line up :

Zeline, boss wolf, delilah, aegir, gravemaker

Would Love to Test it :slight_smile:

Wait for Athena in Atlantis. Aegir from what I hear is not that overwhelming. I would ascend Joon. Drake is ok but Joon hits hard.

For Aegir, is he worth it and center tank with Deliah, Zeline, Aegir, Gravemaker and Saratana?

By having your heroes I would put them in this order… and yes, it would be worthy.

K thnx so much I appreciate the help

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