Help with War/Raid Defense

First time post on forum apologies for the amount of photos. I have two accounts and am looking for help/suggestions on both… Only restraint is my alliance is working with blue tanks for war!

Main Account:
Current Raid Defense -

Current Blue Tank War Defense -

Main Roster -

Alt Account:
Current Blue Tank War and Raid Defense -

Alt Roster -

Again sorry for the amount of photos, just wanted to knock this out in one post. My Alt Account defense was recently changed the previous war and I baited a lot of flags from some high TP hitters. Not married to either account’s defenses so I am open to all suggestions and advice!


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Isarnia - Greg - Guin - Seshat - Anzogh

Don’t force that Proteus into your defense.
He is better for offense. Too squishy for defense.

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Thanks for the heads up! What would you suggest for my Alt Account?

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Not much to change except to replace Proteus with Rigard or Tarlak.

Tarlak has a nice boost but may not live long enough to use it.
Rigard firing can be a life saver with that big heal and cleanse.

I prefer Rigard.

Awesome thanks a lot for the input!