Help with War defense team

So I will have leveled 30 heros to 550tp+ by next week. I am content with this as it gives me 6 good attacks with the possibility to have 300+ points every war (unless terrible board luck)…

I now want to concentrate on levelling a war defense team. I have practically every 4* in the game and 15 different 5*s.
Green: Lianna, Kadilen, Morgan Le Fay
Blue: Magni, Perseus, Isarnia, Alasie
Red: Azlar, Natalya
Yellow: Vivica, Delilah, Joon, Justice
Purple: Sartana, Aaron

Would love feedback on a good war defense team assuming that all 5s used are at 3/70 and 4s are at 4/70.

For war defense I’d run Lianna, Magni, Azlar, Delilah, Sartana once they’re in final ascension.

However, I’d recommend leveling Joon before Delilah and running a 4* healer for the time being.

AW defense is significantly about healers… keeping your team alive, prolonging the battle and letting the arrows do their thing.

I would do Boldtusk, Magni, Kashhrek, Sartana and Delilah.

That is a team I would avoid. Many good combinations with your lineup. Perhaps a perfect repost in place of one of the healers…