Help with war defense team please?

Howdy! I’m trying to work out what my best general war defense should be. Our alliance uses green tanks, so I’m most likely going to stick with Telly as my tank as I have her 4/80/18. I’ve picked up a few new S4 heroes (got REALLY lucky with 3 good 5*'s in the two 10 pulls that I did) that I really like (Prof. Lidenbrock, Phileas Fogg, and Dr. Moreau) and would like to incorporate into my defense by I’m having trouble with repeated colors and classes (and not having enough emblems for those classes).

I’m attaching a picture with what I consider to be my most likely 5 candidates from each of the 5 colors as well as what I’m considering going with for my defense team once, I get one more tabard for Dr. Moreau.

What should I do?

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