Help with war defense and ascension plan

Hi everyone! I hope some of you can help me out with some opinions/advice to make the most of my 4* options. Here are the heroes I currently have:

I think I have a lot of good 4* options, though heavy on the healers, and I’m limited by ascension materials.
I have my war defense currently set as: Sabina - BT - Kashhrek - Grimm - Gafar
Is there a better, more intrinsically annoying, defense team layout that you can suggest from what I have (leveled/unleveled)?

Other relevant info:
I have one 4* troop of each colour, except for green. And I’ve used up all my feeder troops getting those to level 10, except for green, So while I’d prefer a rainbow team, but I suspect that a maxed Gafar is better than my current holy options?

I have tried to systematically level heroes up to the ascension wall, and then ascend the best option (mostly with titans in mind) as materials become available. I am lagging behind on blades and capes, unfortunately. So currently working on Rigard, Jackal and Skittle (I know, I know… it’s a disaster, but green options are currently lacking) and planning to ascend Gormek and Kiril one fine day.

I do have TC20s up and running, but I am not planning any purchases for the foreseeable future, it would be silly at this point where I already have so many heroes I can’t level. I will make one or two pulls with saved Atlantis coins next round only, so it is unlikely it will be anything gamechanging.

@Drenai has given some nice advice already, including moving Kashhrek to the left flank and having another center tank, but that center tank would currently be BT and potentially Rigard or Kiril, once maxed… Or Cyprian/Boril, if I change up my ascension plan. But given my lack of red and blue mats, I’m really uncertain.

Thanks in advance for your strategic brilliance :slight_smile:

Rigard, Sonya, Boldtusk, Grimm, Gravy would be my pickles until you get Gravy maxed then I’d put him in the middle.

Cleanse, Debuff, Buff/Heal Tank, Defense Down, Very Fast Striker.

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Thank you for the lineup Snow!
I was for some reason not even considering Sonya before. This looks nice and mean :slight_smile:

Edit: I might keep gafar/greg in the corner until I’ve at least got gvm to 3-70.
Also I feel compelled to say “Nobody puts Gravy in the corner” but I guess they do at that :stuck_out_tongue:

i find sonia a bit fragile but ok as a sharp shooter my D2 team now has magni leveling fast as a replacement

Well, I also thought sonya was a bit squishy in def, but if I replace sabina with rigard then that’s the only dispell option I have. The question is whether a dispell piloted by the AI (hah!) is better in def than using my next batch of capes on kiril, or magni. Ascending her would be alright for offense though, she’s way too squishy at 3-60 to get more than one hit in.

I mean, I’m trying not to be too stingy about ascension but I’m just in a major dry spell. My last elemental chests have been farmables and more farmables, my last few titan chests have also been fruitless.

I have to be careful what I pick now because it looks like I’ll be living with the decision for a long time.

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