Help with upgrading characters

2 questions. Who is better to upgrade costume Lianna or regular Magni? Also, do I have to level up the class before I can level up the character in a costume? Thanks!

Is there any particular reason you can’t do both?

And yes, you have to level the base-hero before you can max-level the costume. A costume is locked to the same ascension tier as the base hero it’s attached to.

I.e. if your normal version of the hero is only 3-70, you cannot level the Costume further than 3-70… If the base hero is 4-1 however, you can level the costume all the way to 4-80 BUT you cannot equip emblems as these are applied to the base hero with the costume just mimicing the emblem pathway.

if it comes down to who gets d blade/tome first, I’d go lianna bc you can max her costume for just shields.
magni is worth mats even regular without costume dependent on who you have.
both are good heroes.
basically 1a) Lianna, 1b) Magni.

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