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I’m trying to understand how high level players get so much tile damage. Does the strength of the tile come from the matching colored hero? Or from the troops attached to that hero?

Also, as a newer player, when is a good time to start leveling up the troops? That costs a lot of food to bump up their levels!

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The strength of the tile comes from the matching colour hero, boosted by the troops (their stats are all a percent increase applied to the hero). There is an added boost to the strength from stacking (using more than one hero of the same colour). The attack stats of the hero (or heroes) are compared to the defense stats of the defender. The difference is the actual damage.

This thread discusses the actual damage calculation, to the best of our abilities. None of this is officially confirmed by SGG but it does seem to fit the results.


To: nevarmaor
Thank you.!!! :smiley:
Your explanation is simple and easy to understand. I read the link and could not quite grasp it. :scream:
To Chadmo
As far as troops, unless you have 4*s i wouldn’t spend the resources.
Staking make a big difference.
Thank you both for :
C asking the questions and N the answers.
Have fun.


To answer your question about troop, no time is a bad time to level them, but I recommend having a plan. Since events limit the troops you can use to 2* for rare, 3* for epic, and 4* for legendary, I recommend leveling a few of each. It takes a little longer, but Tripp’s do make an impact. I and leveling 2 each of 2*, 2 each of 3* and one 4* for each color troop right now. I do not increase my barracks level until they are all maxed out. I recommend you using troops that increase damage for 2* and 3*, for 4* you want to focus mostly on mana increasing troops.

You can lock your troops, just like your heroes, so you do not throw away troops that you are using. If you do not have a 4* troop, then I suggest leveling a third 3* troop.

If you have 1 4* troop, 2 3* troops, and 2 2* troops you will at least have a leveled troop if you want to color stack in the future, up to a mono colored team.

That is just my strategy, I’m sure other people have different ones and I would be happy to hear them.


@Wolf9 glad I could help. Thanks for the praise.

As far as troops, it depends on what stage of the game you’re at. It took me a looong time to get any 4* so initially I concentrated on 2* for my 3* heroes and 3* for my 4* heroes. I initially worked on a rainbow set of each. I still only keep the one rainbow 2* set but I have 3 each now of 3* and almost up to 2 each colour of 4* (only two of them are mana though). 2* I keep mainly for stacking and challenge events.

At this point I am mainly leveling the 4*.


One additional factor that helps boost tile damage is the right combination of attack-increasing buffs and defense-reducing debuffs. For example, the team I currently use for green titans is:

  • Boldtusk (increases attack by 48%)
  • Wilbur (reduces enemy defense by 44%)
  • Guardian Falcon (reduces enemy defense against red tiles/specials by 54%)
  • Elena (high tile damage but no helpful buffs or debuffs)
  • Wu Kong (increases attack by 185% with -32% accuracy)

When all of the buffs and debuffs are applied at the same time, each red tile can deal around 5000 HP of damage. Critical hits boost damage even more, and chaining together multiple clears can also boost it.


I have been playing for about 3 months, i got some luck and have some decent heroes but only 2 4* troops . Never did think too hard about troops, my mistake i guess.
Maybe I’ll rethink my assumptions.
Didn’t realize you could use levelled troops on events for one thing, still expensive for 2 & 3*'s.
Anyway thanks for the explanation.
Have fun.

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At that stage it’s probably too soon to worry about 4*, they take long time to level up. 3* and 2* will level up much faster and provide a boost to your team that much sooner.

I found this thread which might be helpful.


Thank you,
Just took a look at the link, the current event, (avalon).
I cleared the rare level, but having some levelled troops would have made it easier.
Maybe the next one, i will be better prepared.
Thank for the info.
Have fun.

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3* / 4* Troops consume more food then 5* 4.80 heroes.

Level 1 Troops are better than troops of a lower rarity:

4* level 1 > most 3* level 9 > 3* level 1 > 2* max > 2* level 1 > 1* max

So just summoning 3* level 1 troops helps a lot.

I generally recommend leveling troops when you have 1x to 2x rainbow 3* 3.50 teams and 2x to 4x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams ( total of 15 to 30 heroes ).



Discussion of leveling troops

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Super helpful and easy to understand. Thank you!!

Brilliant! Thank you

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