Help with the next red project

Hello everyone, just looking for a little help with the current red project for my roster.

There was a time when all I was getting were good 3* and 5* reds, and BT was the only good 4* I had. This led me to constantly switch between Khagan and Zim just so that I can have some good red heroes to use during wars and the class quests. I didnt mind not having good reds for titans then as our alliance kept getting the gorgon for greenand she was always a crapshoot anyway.

But after several atlantis pulls, I now have two Gormeks, a Kelile, and a Wilbur as well as two Azlars. I rushed to get Kelile to hit the 3.60 wall so that she can help with the class quests, and then I started with Wilbur. But when Fugly (Gorgon Queen) showed up recently I realized that I probably should improve my red selections overall. I just want to make sure I’m choosing the best project among the choices I have. My stash of red ascension materials is pretty good (even the compasses, which were always the hardest to come by for me), and now I have a choice of maxing up to two 4* or one 5*. Here is the portion of my roster with the 5* and 4* heroes:

What’s making me think really hard about this is how incredibly long it takes to max a 5*, which I experienced for the first time with Ares. I was hoping to get some views as to which red 4* or 5* is currently the best project for me. Thank you so much in advance and I hope this helps other players with similar problems! :smiley:!

Sorry I had a few problems uploading the photos from the phone :smiley:

Tough one, comes down to wilbur or zim for me, I guess it depends on if another red has a place on your main defence and the other color ascension mats are lagging behind , also if you have other tanks than ares. If you only have 1 maxed 5* of each color, it is not a bad idea to get depth more quickly bumping up your 4*s. Wilbur is awesome, maybe you have a scarlett to bring up too for damage if you are running mono.

EDIT: I agree with the following posts, I guess I didnt answer your question that well, if not zim like mentioned above, definitely wilbur, and kelile is your best bet imo, Wilbur can to the samish debuffing for titans as gormek but way more versatile, kelile is decent enough and would be my priority over gormek especially at 3-60 already.

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Wilbur and Kelile for the two 4s. He’s annoying on defense and a maxed Kelile is a good sniper to have. She’s squishy, but I reach for her and scarlet on titans more than I do Gormek.

If you want another 5 go with Zim.

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Wilbur can be a game-changer for titans and for raid attacks. Several in my group always take him, he does a great job keeping others alive by sharing damage plus his defense up for your team, and defense down for opps can really make the difference!

Zim can be helpful at 3/70, especially used with other reds for her element link.

I have Gormek but haven’t used him so much. Kelile can be useful for her DoT.

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You got 2 Azlars!!!
We need a share box for Alliances :joy::joy:
Wilbur is the man and then Kelile

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Zim without question , she is great in Def or Off.

Zim > Azlar > Santa > Khagan

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Wilbur is incredible. The most gamechanging 4* hero.

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I would max out Wilbur. He works well for Titans. He is not a great defender. If it the Gorgon beauty you are worried about, then get a Gormek up to speed so you can get some D-down on him in the right color. You’ve got most of the ram-sandwich finished. Zim is squishy well into her 4th ascension. Santa is decent, but I’d work on finishing some of your others before starting a brand new project. Khagan is too slow in my opinion. Santa before Khagan.

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To me, I will go with Wilbur 1st as he is very much a game changer. Pretty good everywhere.
Next will be Zim. Else, Kelile, as 4 * take less material to the max but Kelile is quite fragile though.
Btw, Gormek is not so bad. I maxed him before Kelile and he’d been a mainstay at my team until now.

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Thanks for getting back to it! :smiley: Yes definitely now it seems like Wilbur and Kelile might be the better option than another 5*. I would have been on the fence about taking Kelile all the way but after I had to spend a lot of gems (just today) reviving my sorcerer and rogue team to finish the last stage, I might have to do that first :stuck_out_tongue:

This was very refreshing and I really did need some input about Gormek. I love the pulverizers but I wasn’t sure if completing them would really help or would just be badass. I think I’ll go with Kelile since she really is a good sniper after all. Thanks for this! :slight_smile:

Second vote for Kelile over Gormek! :smiley: It seems Wilbur is the consensus pick here and I will definitely take him all the way, but now I’m a bit torn whether I will finish Kelile off first or keep going with Wilbur.
I might take Zim to 3.70 when I get a fourth compass, but thanks for the tip about her at 3.70! :wink:

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Haha yes boss! :smiley: But I see him taking a backseat for a while since I have so many red 5* :stuck_out_tongue: And that’s one vote for Wilbur over Kelile :smiley: Haha thanks Rob! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the vote for Zim! I will definitely go with her for the 5* but I might have to finish working on the 4* first. :smiley:

I’ll make sure to grow him as fast as I can. I’m the most impressed by Proteus and if Wilbur changes that opinion then that would be great! :smiley:

That’s another vote for Wilbur. :smiley: And thanks for the view on Santa. I had a hard time beating him in a raid once but I’m afraid he will only be helpful on defense for someone who will take forever to grow.

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This might make Wilbur the next project now :smiley: I might move on to finish Kelile after Wilbur though so that I can have another good 4* ready right away, but I’ll definitely work on Gormek after that. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Santa Claus

I would empower them in that order, keeping in mind everyday and weekly sfuff as titans, S2 maps, class quests and then PvP (you already have Ares and Boldtusk).

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I think start on wilbur even though she is 3-60, if you are utalizing youd TCs probably he will be at 3-60 in only a couple weeks.