Help with team please

you bring up a great point I have been using this duo last few titan attacks and been having my best hits, I use mana potions at the start on them both.

well now I’ve just got kiril, would he be better to replace proteus on defence, like this when I’ve powered them up.

Hello @devonrohrer and welcome to forum.

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IMO, priority left to right project leveling heroes.
Red: -
Blue: Finish Frida, and start Gato, but you already start Karil, so finish Karil. After Gato, next Ulmer. Greymane after there are no other blue.
Green: Finish Ishtak, Muggy, Berden
Yellow: -
Purple: Gill-Ra, Tyrum, Oberon, (Renfeld and Prisca only if you do not have other purple)

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Hey genshin, welcome to the forums!

Proteus and Wilbur are awesome heroes :slight_smile: When you get one more hidden blade and 1 more set of trap tools, they should both be maxed right away.

I like what Papa and Killen have posted, personally I think you should keep working on your 3* heroes. They’re quick to max and don’t consume rare ascension materials which you’re waiting for.

Belith, Gato, Nashgar, Balthazar, and Kailani are good. For now they’ll give you much needed help color stacking (i.e. bringing 2 or more heroes of the same color, which adds their attacks together and deals more damage overall with that color). Once your roster gets more fleshed out, long term your 3*s will sit on the bench for the most part, but you’ll still find use for them in Challenge Events (every 2nd Thursday of each month) and in Raid Tournaments (such as the current one that restricts hero choice to 3*s or less). So having a decent amount of 3*s is a good idea, it won’t be a waste :slight_smile:

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hi all this is an update just done some teltoc pulls(no guardian hero) and got some more 4 stars, I’m still working on 3* as well but my main aim is 4* any more help would be appreciated thanks.

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