Help With Team, Lianna or Gregorian or Evelyn?

I need a bit of help with my team. Currently I have to decide between Lianna (4/80), Gregorian (3/70 or Evelyn (Unleveled)

My Team is Currently:

I also have a maxed out Leonidas, Magni and Khagan and I have some 5 Stars im yet to start leveling, which are as follows.

Quintus, Domitia, Sartana, Obakan

Joon, Musashi

Aegir (3/70) and Richard

Horghall (3/70)

Azlar, Elena, Marjana

Im just not sure where to focus my levelling up at the moment, with the classes now here its added a whole new level of confusion as to where to go from here, currently just winging it.

Any help would be much Appreciated, Thanks

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I’ll assume you mean your defense team?

Gravy is a top tank and most would stack blues to kill him quick. This makes his optimal flanks greens for the strong counter attack. So Evelyn elemental defense down and Gregorian (crit boost all) would be optimal, but Lianna in the meantime is a great substitute.

For the wings, Drake is fast and blinds 3 so he’s a keeper. Magni is another good sniper option that would be neutral to a blue stack or punish any red stack that gets brought along to deal with your green flanks.

@DangerPigg drop me a message in Line and I’ll add you to a great chat to help all facets of your game


Yes, defense mainly. But used in all parts of the game. Added you on line.

Cool. PM sent and invite to chat room.

I would do Evelyn, then Lianna and finally Gregorion.
I currently have the first at 3.70 and the latters at 4.80

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