Help with Team direction please


I would like some advice on my Red and Purple path for my main team.

For my red heros I have Bold Tusk, Gormek, Scarlett all at 3-70 and Kellie. I have enough materials for a 5* hero and have been waiting for Mariana but no luck so far! So I figured I would spend the materials on one. Which one?

For Purple, I have been working Obakan and have the materials to fully ascend him…but is he worth the materials or should I wait for Sartana or Gardian Panther? I do play him farming and like him. I want a purple other than my healer, Rigard. I also have 3 level 1 Tibs, but not sure whether to level him as I always use Grimm.

For yellow, after Joon is done I will level Wu Kong and I would like a team best suited around those two.
For blue, I don’t have enough capes for Perseus or to finish Kiril, so I’m stuck there.

Also, I have duplicates of Cyprian, Tibs, Kiril, Grimm and Li should I level them or feed them to other heros?

I have posted pics of my heros for reference


CMy thoughts:

  • Red Boldtusk is a great hero, useful through endgame. Ascend him with confidence.
  • Purple where are you with tabards and trap tools? Tibertus is a really fine 4* whose defense debuff is always welcome, particularly for solid Titan hits. Rule of thumb is that you’ll get three 3* mats (trap tools) for each 4* mat (tabards), though of course your realized ratio will differ. I’d prefer to get Tibertus Done rather than Obakan to 3/70.
  • Blue You have Grimm maxed, which is great. Kiril is a real asset, basically the blue Boldtusk. How is your telescope stock? Again, unless you have four or more, I’d get Kiril done while you wait for scopes to get Perseus fully ascended,
  • Duplicates Alliance Wars will be best played with six full teams. The better dupes—Grimm, Tibertus—you should hold. Maybe keep one extra Cyprian. As a general matter, hold good heroes. Expansion space is relatively cheap, and the value of a 4* or 5* as training experience is not big in the overall picture.

As you can probably tell, I have a strong conviction that nearly all 5* heroes are weaker than most 4* heroes, given the same ascension mats. So, a fully ascended Tibertus is better than a 3/70 Obakan and requires much less food to get there.


Thanks for your reply!

For blue, I only have 3 telescopes, for me capes and telescopes are the hardest to get items!

For Purple, I have 9 trap tools and 6 Tabbard, so enough to ascend Obakan, just took me a long time to get the tabbards so want to use them wisely. I don’t see many higher teams with him. Is Cyprian a better choice than Tibs if I went that route? I’m thinking of my 4* team for challenge events


I would recommend keeping Obakan at 3-70 and saving the ascension items for a better 5 star hero. I like him too, but there are better options for your limited ascension items. Start training Tiburtus up now and get hi to maximum asap. You should try to get all three of the armor removal 4 stars trained to full. At worst you should have at least 2. Tiburtus, Gormek, and Grimm. The reason being that you will need to swap out the weak element against certain titans.


I generally agree with @Otto0000. Obakan is good but not great. If you have moderately frequent summons or TC20, holding out for Sartana or Panther might make sense. Still, Obakan is a solid “B” hero. If you don’t pull often, then consider going ahead.

On the blue front, I think Kiril is a better choice now. You are a long slog from getting six telescopes, and until you have those, Kiril will serve you well.