Help with team...Advice needed please

Need help!
My current team is Gravemaker-tank, G. Panther/Kiril-flanks, Wu Kong/Sabina rear. All are maxed or close (G.M. & G. Panther).
Who’s a better fit for my line up- Sabina, Keshrek, Elkanan safe to assume Keshrek is maxed and Elkanan on his way.
Also should I replace a maxed Wu with a Maxed G. Jackal?
Thanks in advance

Here’s my thoughts. While Kiril does heal, his main benefit is something else. For that reason, I’d keep Sabina though she is a little soft for my liking.

You could benefit from a green flanking gravemaker since green is his week color. Kashhrek is a pain when I face him. My kashhrek came late so I don’t have him leveled. I do have an elk leveled and use him as a flank. I’d move Kiril.

As to who to remove, I’m not s fan of Wu on defense. Seems like you were considering removing Sabina - I’d go a different direction given what you gave me to play with.

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