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As a lvl52 player with stronghold 23, what would be the most efficient way to run my tcs so i can level up as much heroes as possible. Note that i just have one tc on lvl20. Currently i am running 1 tc 20, 1 tc11, 1 tc2 and one tc1. But tc1 is so hard to keep running with all this recruits. What would you suggest?

One thing to consider is how many backpacks, shirts, swords, etc you have. If you have enough backpacks to run two TC2 non-stop, then maybe consider doing that.

I usually have one TC20, one TC11, one TC2, and one flex TC that I alternate between TC1, 2 and 19. If I have a lot of food and don’t need to store it in TC20, I usually just throw like 200 recruits into TC19 for fast feeders. Be careful using TC19 for 5* heroes tho, especially towards the higher levels of a hero b/c it eats up food very quickly.

Also try to get Hero Academy up and running b/c that will give you a lot of feeders too and you can use different materials like rope instead of backpacks/shirts/swords.


I run at the moment 3 tc11 and a backpack. This suits me at the moment. You could always swap a tc1 to a tc11 or tc2 to tc11 give a bit of space in between the two as take it you farm alot at atlantis. Do 2 weeks tc1 then two weeks tc2 keeping a even flow.
Also this may help.


Running a TC20 can be considered ham storage.
You can push the minus button and pull ham out:

Then take the recruits and dump them in a TC11
This is how you see players with brand new heroes max’d out so quickly.
They have ham stored up in a TC20. I just drained mine to add emblems to Freya. But usually have about 60-90 days stored up in there. I’ve had it up to 250 days before. Small potatoes for some of the bigger fish out there…

So running 1 TC20. And 3 TC11 is standard.

I found the most recruits from running:
1 TC20, 2 TC11 and 1 TC2.
That’s given me more recruits than I can feed away.

I’ve been busy trying to drain the TC2 for a month now before I run out of backpacks and have leveled four 5* heroes to 4.8 in that time + two 4*


Running 3 TC11 constantly is sooooo slow. You only get like 36 feeders in 24hrs and like half of them are 1* heroes. I think it’s ideal to only run 1 TC11 as a recruit storage assuming you farm enough backpacks and recruits during Atlantis and daily farming. Running 2 TC2 and 1 TC11 gives 108 feeders per 24hrs.

Since @Persepholes is short on recruits, maybe run 3 TC11 overnight and then switch one or two of them to TC2 and 19 during the day. It might be a hassle to switch them back and forth tho.

Personally, I was at your place, but then I’ve invested the time to get two more TCs to 20 (for a total of 3) before going for all the fancy new buildings.

Now I alternate between the following modes:
One TC11 queue (always present to keep recruits in).

3x TC2 (if I have the backpacks and something to level)
3x TC20 (if I want to get something to level)
3x TC11 (default option)

Kinda works for me, and doesn’t have outrageous ham costs. I’d rather use my ham to level troops.

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Love this! Very similar to what I do:)

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I’ve been running 1 TC2 constant for the past 4 months. Which is why I said:

Running 2 TC2 is not sustainable. Multiple TC2 is a short term recruit run.

I personally don’t care for juggling TC’s. I originally liked this game for its lack of busy work. Something that has gone up lately…

But even running 1 TC2. Has been difficult for me to keep backpacks stocked! Meanwhile, I have not wanted for feeders! As soon as I drain it, I’m taking a break and going back to 3 TC11

The only wrong way to do TC’s is to have one or more NOT running. Or to have a bottleneck…

Balancing between resource bottlenecks, ham supply, desired recruits and how much attention you intend to devote…will vary for each player.

My best set up is a TC20, 2 TC11 and use that last one for 1,2 or 19 for very fast hero production.



Now im running 2 tc 20 and 1 tc 11 . The other flex between tc 2 when i get enough adventure kits or tc 11.

Is a slow but safe way to use the camps

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to turning the 4rth one into HA. When and if I ever decide to waste resources :yum:

Haha yea I can relate. I can only farm 500-600 backpacks max during Atlantis (usually even less). This only lasts like a week. My normal daily farming is usually 8-7 for recruits and it doesn’t give many backpacks. Lately I’ve been running Alchemy Lab 3 to get more backpacks. Although I criticize 3 TC11s for being so slow, I personally switched to 3 TC11s yesterday b/c I’ll be busy with IRL stuff for the next 1-2 weeks and juggling TC’s is a hassle like you said. I’m still at the stage where I’m feeding on-color to 5 heroes so I need feeders :upside_down_face:

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This is what I do. During Atlatnis rising puting all in TC11 and TC2. Running one TC20. Once in a day a use TC19 for fast making 30-50 feeders, and the rest of the time 4th is for TC1 or TC2. :slight_smile:

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I usually use 30+ flask at AR for backpacks that does the month sometime can be bit short I usually get a week of training on tc2 and about 800-900 back packs. After AR, Then just pump all recuits into it as my 3 tc11 are stocked up.
It works for me,

Once you get Hero Academy going there are other ways to get troops and heroes that use different materials from the dwindling backpacks.

I have running:
Two TC20 (before one of them was TC11)
One TC11
One TC mixed between 1 and 2

Good luck.

My current setup:

  1. TC20 = Food stock
  2. TC11 = Recruits stock
  3. TC2 = Feeder
  4. TC1 or TC19 or TC11, but currently only doing TC11, because we have alternative fast feeder production from HA1 and HA3 when needed.

And HA6 = Iron Stock

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Personally I like having 2 x TC20’s because then I have the option of running a TC19 which is a godsend when speed levelling.

Good luck, whatever you decide. :slightly_smiling_face:

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