Help with tank

I took a break from the game for like a year ; just curious which hero would make a better tank

I vote for Goseck. If you can’t kill him before he fires, and if he is low HP, he simply destroys you. Moreoever, his stoneskin is nasty.

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Ok we rotate tanks in my alliance so I would say from what I can see of your roster:

Green = Heimdall
Red = Black Knight
Purple = Goseck and Boss Wolf
Yellow = Sif
Blue = I suppose you only have Magni

All of the above (with the exception of Goseck) are being made much better with Costumes

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I think black knight would serve you best. People trying to defeat him will give time for Goseck and Heimdall to charge their specials.

Welcome back!

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A lot of good options here for building a defense. In a traditional V defense you could run something like this: Heimdall - Sif - B.Knight - Evelyn - Goseck or some variation of.

If you have HA unlocked you could run a 2F-3R (2 front, 3 rear) like this: Heimdall - Sif - Goseck - B.Knight - (Sartana/Domitia/Magni/Evelyn)