Help with recovery from infant using phone


A co-leader on my Alliance told me minutes ago that she put her phone down “for a minute” then found out that her 2 year old baby daughter did two raids and somehow spent 2,000 gems!!!
She is so distraught. I feel for her. My question is this:
Is there anyway the developers can research it and possibly consider giving back her gems?


I don’t think so, they can’t know if that’s the truth and the responsability for what others do with our phones is not of SG.

She can ask, but if my daughter break a vase in my home i don’t go ask another for free.



It sucks, but I don’t really think she has a chance unfortunately.


One of my twins (3 years old) spent over 1500 gems using daily summons. It was my fault so nobody must fix it. Keep playing and lock the phone is the only solution.


Sucks but I agree probably nothing that can be done

Well, was anything good drawn with the summons?


I’m so terribly sorry, but per their TOS (Terms Of Service), they are quite clear that there are no refunds.

I definitely would lock my phone (and do); don’t make it easy for someone else to blow through your gems. :confused:

For future reference:

From the FAQ:


Thats the same guideline they use when. You do a x10 summon and get all 3* plus duplicates. Youre SOL.


Thanks everyone for your input. It’s much appreciated