Help with Raid defense lineup

Hello all

I’ve been playing for for a while and have amassed a large collections of heroes. I hope the community can help me setup a strong raid defense lineup.

My current raid def is

My current rosters are below


Below is my accession mats

my my troops

I am currently maintaining between 2450-2600 cups.

Any tips / advices are much appreciated.



I’d rather set them up like Alberich, Isarnia, Gravemaker, Lepus, Drake. Gravemaker is a better tank than Drake for a couple reasons, but especially because on this team you’re using 2 blues and a green. You want to kind of force your opponent to stack blue against your tank and against a Gravemaker tank it sucks to bring greens to this battle, but if Gravemaker is double flanked by blue, it virtually forces green attackers. Isarnia to the left for defense debuff as early as possible. Alberich is the only slow hero who should ever be in the far corner. Isarnia won’t charge in the corner soon enough for her special to become valuable or even charge at all before she’s dead.

I don’t have that many 5* heroes yet. But from the stand point of general logic and my rainding experience. I’d put Gravemaker as a tank, flanked by Isarnia, because a slow hero at the far edge is nearly harmless as it doesn’t get enough mana to fire special.

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I agree totally with SWEG with one caveat. I would substitute Lianna for Lepus once she is close to maxed. Then try each of them for awhile and see who gets better long term results. That’s a killer lineup either way.

Thanks for the advice; one more question. How should i equip the troop for isarnia and lepus? ravager warriors on isarnia or lepus?


That could go either way. Kind of your preference. Keeping the higher defense on Isarnia is more insurance to ensure her of firing. The bunny is a bigger home run but much squishier. Play with it each way for awhile and keep up with your results.

Thanks @FunkyknightHay @SWEG @SuuriKoira
I have updated my def lineup with your advice.

As always appreciate the feedback!

I’d put the tougher troop on Isarnia because she’s slow mana and you really want her to survive long enough to fire. Lepus will fire at least once but easily twice and so he’s done his job.

Hello community

Need help with a lost account. Unfortunately I don’t have the account number.

The name for this account is Levi and the roster is what i posted here.

I also play with multiple accounts on on different devices. A few weeks ago I deleted the app on my device and when I tried re-install, I am unable to link it back to my old account.

Is there any chance I can get my old account back? The only info I have is the name on the account, the roster, the make and model of the device, the email address and the google game account.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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