Help with raid defense #8574

Hi forum guys, the below roster is friend of mine’s. Would you please suggest a team for raid defense?

we would know your best choice and the one having the next team:
left wing-evelynn-khagan/elena-lianna- vela.
wich weaknesses you foresee in the previous team?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English, i’m genuinely not native, haha.

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Lianna magni guin elena sartana if it was me i believe

Could switch around magni and elena


Eve Posey Quin Drake Lia

X-ing fingers for Quins costume.

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quintus? didnt expect him at all.
thank you both. Any more suggestions around?

I’d give Lianna-Elena-Guini-Magni-Sartana a try as @Rigs supposed.
Elena on position 2 seems preferable to me as she might wipe out small remains of heros that otherwise one of the sniper hits might be somewhat of an unnecessary giveaway.

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Drake Eve Vela Ele Sarta

…if you like a rainbow.

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Idk if I’ve ever faced quintus tank or vela tank

Have you?

Quin yes and Vela flank (different battles).

Quin bites, if he cast and fast flanks will go off at the same or next turn. I met an eQuin, too on wing and he had heavy attack and was quite sturdy.

Velas DoT is hard, if no cleanser was ready. She has many cool specials and could be a great tank imo.

Hmm interesting

Will have to see for myself before i agree or disagree

On paper neither seem like great tanks but paper isnt the end all be all

Sartana Drake Elena Lianna Magni


Well, there are two things I think should be considered in that constellation:
• Elena might have the worst defense stats of the heros in that team - hence, maybe not the best choice as tank
• Magni with his special might be better on position 2 or 4 - especially as there are multiple snipers without further specials to take care in positioning

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If Elena fires, 95% of fights it’s game over.
But getting her to fire requires a bad board. So I would avoid her.

You want a punishing tank that can take punches, in your case Guin,
And atleast 3 snipers, and maybe 1 DoA

In that link, Elena have high win rate comparable to GM, the poster said her blue stack is weaker than the other colors though.

Normally yes, though with red tank you might want green flank, you can always change Magni position with Drake, but if Elena and Drake fire, 2-3 enemy will die.

Anyway, I hate facing multiple snipers/drake… even with no healer defense… Elena can also be troublesome with revive talent…

But your friend do have a premier tank in Guinevere, but don’t really have good red flank/tank. If only there are other red, I would have suggest:

Lianna - Sartana - Guinevere - Magni - Red

Yes, i agree in guin being the best. but we were discussing to put a red tank to avoid the killing of evelyn and lianna as flanks. He leans towards khagan for his +mana; i think elena is better cause her talent and when you attack her you want to kill her asap to avoid the triggering. He also want to use Vela to further counter the red stacking against eve/lianna. I think is overkill, i would stack any but red, prolly purple, but i’m a noob regarding 5* rosters.

thanks for all the suggestions,
what do you think of the left wing/eve/red/lianna/vela composition? how you would attack that?
cheers and ty again

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