Help with putting together defense

I have ascension materials for all heroes pictured. I cannot decide who to level and who to wait on. If you were to build the best defense possible, who would it be?

Build for attacks, not for defence… Pick the best defence from what you’ve chosen to ascend.

You have two of the best wings in the game in Seshat and Kingston, so I’d start off assuming they’re your wings.

Vela is a clear pick for one flank, she’s the bomb there.

So that’s red and yellow left to pick from if we’re going rainbow.

Drake makes a good flank and an okay tank.
Guin makes a really good tank.

Red is less obvious… I don’t rate Grazul much on defence, Anzogh is okay but you don’t want to be pinching emblems from Hel.
Tyr and JF are decent on defence or offence but again you wouldn’t be taking emblems off Kingston or Hel for them.

So… Maybe tank yellow and put two purples in…

Kingston - Hel - Guin - Vela - Seshat.

Even with a zero emblem Guin, I’d fancy this much less than with Drake at tank… There’s synergy there with Guin and Hel limiting attacker mana in different ways - Vela may work best on green tanks to punish reds but she’s potent fullstop and then you’ve got the unshiftable Seshat and attack limiting Kingston.

Think… How would you attack this?
Purples? If Guin fires it becomes difficult, and you’ve gotta get them past Hel and Seshat.
Yellows? Not against Guin.
Reds? Not great with Vela there.
Which leaves blues (neutral against all) and greens (strong on Vela but neutral on the rest).

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