Help with purple

I have decision to make, and need help :slightly_smiling_face:
Have seven tabards, and last 10 days cannot decide wich one to level…

Mok-Arr, Grimble, Domitia, Quintus(no costumes for either) or second Clarissa
Also have Obakan and second Sartana, but really don’t think about leveling them…

Leveled purple 5* that I have
Kage(18), Kage(9), Seshat(18), Clarissa(7), Kunchen(10), Sartana and Aeron

My favourites are Mok-Arr and Grimble
I know they are not amazing, but I don’t spend much these days, and cannot wait forever for something better…


I would do Grimble. He can really help your team against this heavy minion meta. You gain something like 0.8 of a tile (mana gain) per killed minion.

Grimble hit may not be the most dangerous and deadly AOE in the game but it will still do some damage thanks to grimble removes minion first than he does the AOE.

see notes

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I thought that he came out way before his prime time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’ll look into that thread

Thank you

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