Help with Platinum Defense teams

I’ve been bleeding trophies lately and feel like I need a new team to stay in Plat
Thank you for your time :smile:

Well you have a good roster, they just need some levels.

A team of maxed 4*s will hold you in platinum arena reasonably well. I would prioritize maxing more 4*s first.

You are lacking a tank right now. Wilbur is awesome for offense, but isn’t really great for defense outside of raid tournaments, since his special can be abused by the attacker, they can buff their defense afterwards and get the benefit of damage sharing.

You have Boldtusk, Li Xiu, and Gadeirus nearly maxed. One of them will be good as a tank. Personally I lean towards either Boldtusk or Gadeirus, since I would recommend you focus all your yellow feeders on Wu Kong before continuing with Li Xiu.

A Gadeirus tank seems decent, specially since you have Triton and Proteus. For platinum they should be good in the same team to hold your cups.

For now, and just for now, this would be a decent defense team:
Melendor | Magni | Mitsuko | Proteus | Kelile

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Wilbur is your best tank right now. I’d go


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