Help with organisation my heroes

Hello everyone! I love playing empires and now I’m little bit confused because I don’t know how is the best organisation my heroes and for who I have care for updates. I will be happy for every answer. Thanks everybody! Hope you have amazing day!

Among your heroes, feed Jarvur to your hero being leveled. He is one of those least useful heroes.

If you still want to dispose another hero off your roster, the next candidate is Kashhrek. I loved him before. Now, not so, not even with costume. Mine was previously empty lemblemed on the costume version but later on stripped him of talents.


Hi, welcome…
Some general advice from @Guvnor :

So, back to OP question, IMO… level on rainbow, so red feeder goes to red, etc…
Priority left to right in order
Red: Boldtusk, Wilbur, wait for Scarlett or Kelile
Blue: wait for Grimm, Sonya, Gunnar, Valen, Ulmer, Nordri, Helo, while waiting I think Frost is great fast minion at 3.70 is playable, Jarvur is so so… Boril is okay for map S2, etc.
Green: Caedmon, Skttleskull
Yellow: Kvasir, Li Xiu
Purple: -


Everybody thanks for your recommendation! Yes I will wait for next heroes. I just want ask is possible earn myzterio? He is my favourite what I want to have.

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